December 8, 2004


I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:40A.M. 

In attendance:  Melissa Thomas, Lucy Hearn, Brenda Boggs, Amy Sine, Jeff Canada, Karen Wilson and Clacie Hubbard, Doug Jones

Absent: Judy Lowe, Byron Hughes, Katie Melton, Becky Rosing-Johnson

Special Guest: Wayne Shelton


II.                  Wayne Shelton / Environmental Safety Manager gave an overview regarding the recently formed University Safety Committee. Wayne said the committee had existed in the past in various forms but had been reformed and seeks to involve the entire campus community in safety in the workplace. They have a website which they are working on updating. They are also working on a list of objectives. Some of the senators suggested to Wayne that also under this website the process of Workers Compensation should be explained and how is reported. There will be information coming out from the committee to the campus community as they meet and define their objectives and goals.


III.               Minutes:  Minutes from October 27, 2004 were reviewed. Motion to approve by Karen Wilson. Second by Brenda Boggs.  Minutes from November 17, 2004 were reviewed. Motion to approve by Brenda Boggs. Second by Karen Wilson.


IV.                Chair/Committee Reports:

a.  CUSS – No report

b.   Membership – No report

c.  PR/Communications – Doug Jones put together survey and sent to Katie Melton. They have not met to discuss further. This is a survey on incentives to improve staff morale. They will meet and do revisions then send out the survey. The survey results should be back to the committee by January 21, 2005.

d.      HR/Payroll – Karen Wilson reported Leann Shull is going to be invited to a meeting to discuss staff development issues.

President –Melissa Thomas reported: 

.                      1. Employee Relations Committee continues to meet to work on its charge                                  from the Forum regarding Human Resource issues on campus. 



V.                Old Business

            a. Board of Regents Staff Award – A good response was received and SU will be sending to the President nominations in all categories for submission this year.

            b. Recognition of staff nominated Board of Regents Staff award –The Presidents social will be held tomorrow at which time she will be recognizing all who were nominated this year for the BOR staff awards. 

            c. Holiday Raffle – The raffle donations were discussed and the drawing date was finalized. Staff senators removed themselves from the raffle.            

VI.             New Business

a. SU Policies based on BOR Policies- SU is currently ensuring compliance with all UM System policies. If the UM System has a policy than SU must have a policy in place addressing this issue. Ellen Zinner is currently heading up this project for SU. Melissa asked the senators to review two policies and get back to her with comments. One on SU Waiver of Application Fees and the other was on Lost or Abandoned Currency or Personal Property.

VII.      Open Discussion/Other Issues:


a. Our next meeting will be held on 1/05/05 in Fulton Hall Dean’s Conference Room at 9:30AM     




Motion to adjourn by Brenda Boggs. Clacie Hubbard second.

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary