Staff Senate Minutes

December 12, 2003



I.          Call to Order – Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 9:35am. In attendance were: Joey Faulkner, Gary Grodzicki, Bob Maddux, Iva Riggin, Jeannette Schadler, and Brenda Stanley. 

Absent: Brenda Boggs, Jeff Canada, Byron Hughes, Judy Lowe, Kathy Pusey, Melissa Thomas and Judy Twilley.


II.        Minutes – November 21st minutes were reviewed and approved.  Jeanette Schadler approved the minutes.  Gary Grodzicki seconded the motion.


III.       Chair/Committee Reports -

                        a. Senate President Report – Not available


                        b. CUSS Report Judy Lowe was absent. No report given. 


IV.       Old Business -

                        a. Committee Elections/Results – Melissa has confirmed second election for runoff . She and Lisa Gray made final announcement that there is staff representation on all forum committees.  Meeting times have not yet been confirmed.


                        b. V.P. Administration and Finance – Search committee gave suggestions to President Dudley-Eshbach, Tuesday, November 25th.  She has not made a formal announcement pending her own review of  the final four candidates.  President Dudley-Eshbach is hoping to give campus her final decision before campus closed for holidays.  Richard Pusey’s official last day is December 31, 2003 and has been requested to stay on as a consultant to specifically finish the negotiations for the collective bargaining contract since he was involved in the initial stage of the MOA.  Because the new V.P. of A. & F. has not yet been hired, an interim vice president  will have to be appointed.  Betty Crockett may assume responsibilities until new candidate is hired and on board.


c. Registrar’s search is still in the works.  Provost took this opportunity to restructure their department.  At present Avery is registrar and associate vice president.  The associate vice president would no longer be a position of the registrar.  Jane Dane would assume the position and is currently Dean of Enrollment.  Laura Thorpe, Director of Admissions, along with financial aid and the registrar would report to Ms. Dane. 


V.        New Business -

                        a. President’s notice of the Contingent II leaves benefit effective for the 2003 Christmas holidays, had been an issue brought to the Staff Senate.  This does not include Contingent I employees because they are not hired for 40/hours week.



V.        New Business, Continued:


b. CUSS staff awards – Brenda received packet from President’s office.  Notice will be sent out to the entire campus for qualifications and the nominations process. The nominations will be collected by Brenda and Iva to screen/review for

specific requirements and then submitted to the President’s office.  Dr. Janet will then determine who is submitted.  Deadline to CUSS is Jan 30th.  President’s office would like to have nominations for review by Jan 26th


c. Staff Senate Meetings Spring Dates – All is still in favor of Friday, 9:30am  meetings.  Consistency would help attendance. Dates are: Feb 13, March 5, April 2, April 23, May 14 and June 4th.  July 9th – first meeting of new fiscal year – Gary will assume Chairs position.


VI.       Other Business/Open Discussion -

a..Iva announced she may not be able to attend meetings for spring semester due to shortage of staff. Staff Senate members would assist in taking minutes if she is not able to attend.


b.      Still need to address the replacement of Jeanette’s alternate position on



VII.     Adjournment – Jeannette adjourned meeting. Gary seconded motion.


Respectfully submitted,

Iva Riggin