Staff Senate Minutes

November 21, 2003



I.          Call to Order – Gary Grodzicki called the meeting to order at 9:35am. In attendance were: Brenda Boggs,Gary Grodzicki, Iva Riggin, Jeannette Schadler, Melissa Thomas and Judy Twilley. 

Absent: Jeff Canada, Joey Faulkner, Byron Hughes, Judy Lowe, Bob Maddux, Kathy Pusey and Brenda Stanley,


II.        Minutes – October 31st minutes were reviewed with the following omission of Melissa Thomas’ committee elections report. Melissa stated that all positions needs to be filled.  Staff Senate Committees -No nominations for Communications/Public Relations and Membership/ Elections committees, however she has received plenty for the Human Resources/Payroll Committee. University Forum eight out of fourteen positions still need to be filled.  Melissa voiced her concern that if we did not have staff active on committees we will loose representatives.  This is mostly due to collective bargaining.  We need voice and opinions at these meetings where faculty is strongly based.  It was mentioned/suggested at the University Forum that the role of the forum body is done away, and to restructure or integrate forum committees and refer to them as faculty/staff collaborations or joint committees. Elections to start as soon as possible, will give staff till Wednesday, November 5 to turn in nominations.

With no further changes, Brenda Boggs approved the minutes.  Judy Twilley seconded the motion.


III.       Chair/Committee Reports

            a. Senate President Report – Not available


            b. CUSS Report No report given.  Judy Lowe was absent.


IV.       Old Business


            a. Open Staff Senate Meeting – Info provided in separate minutes.


            b. Committee Elections/Results – Melissa Thomas gave status on open committees and also learned of several rules from the By-Laws during this process.

·        Results sent out by e-mail.  Four committees still open. Cultural Affairs, Judicial Board (1), Student Campus Life Grievance and Wellness Council    

·        With no nominations to fill these spots, Melissa suggested write-ins.  Received some nominations.  She e-mailed the staff that was submitted and they were responsive.

·        November 26th deadline.   The Forum is anxious to get all committees activated.





IV.       Old Business, Committee Elections/Results Continued


·        Staff has to be staggered on committees.  No person can serve on the same committee for more than two consecutive terms and no two individuals from the same department can serve on the Forum. 

·        University Judicial Board required two people for two years.  Jackie Eberts is currently serving a two-year term that began last year.  Only one person needed.

·        Government Relations Committee – Two persons required.  CUSS rep has one of the positions.

·        No nominations for Membership & Elections – One employee had an issue with Melissa counting ballots while she is on the committee.  They

did not fill-out a ballot.  The process was unclear to the employee but was fully explained that she would not count ballots alone.  Melissa asked for volunteers because the future holds elections for a CUSS Representative and re-elections in May for next fiscal year.


c. Collective Bargaining Status – Discussed in last meeting, no need for further discussion at this time.


            d. V.P. Administration and Finance – Deadline today.  It is strongly suggested that we (staff) send the Candidate Assessment Forms to Judy Young.  This is just one more way of staff having a voice on campus. (present and future)


            E. Strategic Plan – Sent suggestions/recommendations to the President’s Administration.

Goal One:  Enhance academic and a learning environment promotes an electrical growth and success.

B. Enhance general education as a necessary foundation experience for students.

D. Provide resources to make the library a focal point of learning; G. Recruit and retain high qualified faculty and staff to enhance overall student experience.

Additional wording suggestion – “the recruitment of quality faculty and staff that will enhance the overall environment for the student experience”

                        Goal Two: Advance the student-centered environment.

A. Increase the level of funding needed for merit base under-graduate, graduate scholarships;

D. Elevate student access to campus services and activities.

E. Sustain quality theater, leadership, division three athletics and other extra curricular programs while affirming academics to the highest priority in the lives of the students (variety and diversity is very important).  Additional suggestion: provide an increase access

to students to provide input in developing a student-centered environment.

                                    F. Provide a classroom and other settings that foster effective student faculty connections and engagements and interactive student learning.


IV. Old Business, Strategic Planning, Goals continued


Goal Three: University fostering inclusiveness as well as cultural and intellectual pluralism.

A. Provide multi-cultural and sensitivity education activities for campus community.

C. Foster growth of a more diverse student and employee population

E. Expand academic and social practices support for the integration of international students at Salisbury University and the local community.

Additional suggestion “Increase current resources in programs designed to attract international students to the university” (MD has a 8.9% decrease in international students)

                        Goal Four: University would utilize strategic collaborations and target community outreach.

B. Enhance the University ability to respond to the regions business and economic community and work force development thru the academic and extra curricular activities.

G. Establish an enhanced collaboration for the private sectors, school communities, government and non-government organizations.

H. Enhance private and public fund raising for projects and programs that support academic objectives and capital initiatives and priorities.


V.        New Business:

            a. CUSS Representative nominations. What do we need to do to start this process? Deadline drawing near.  Jeanette is not longer eligible and this is Judy Lowe’s last year. Quorum needed at next meeting to vote from executive committee.  One rep has to be non-exempt and not covered by collective bargaining.


VI.       Other Business/Open Discussion

            a. Utility issue discussed by Richard Pusey at October 31st Open Forum meeting (send something out to the campus community for everyone to take preventive measures); Staff to be more conservative.  Make a suggestion to Physical Plant to send out an e-mail campus wide to assist in this request.

b. Do follow-up with Payroll/H.R. Committee regarding incentives and acknowledgements for staff now. Acknowledgement and concern should be placed on current staff as well as future staff requirements.  CUSS awards have a statewide awards program.  Judy Lowe to give us more input on process of nominations and staff awareness.


VII.     Adjournment – Jeannette adjourned meeting. Judy Twilley seconded motion.


Respectfully submitted,

Iva Riggin