October 10, 2003



I.          Call to Order: Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 9: 40am.  In attendance were, Brenda Boggs, Joey Faulkner, Gary Grodzicki, Byron Hughes, Bob Maddux, Kathy Pusey, Iva Riggin and Brenda Stanley.  Absent:  Jeff Canada, Judy Lowe, Melissa Thomas, Jeannette Schadler and Judy Twilley. 


II.        Minutes: August 27th minutes were reviewed with the following changes:  Section I. Call to Order – (change) meeting started at 9:35am; Section III. Chair and Committee Reports: Item A, Line 2 – (add)…8 credit hours per term; Section V, Item A Committee Selections – (change) Attendance too low; Section VI, Item E – (change title) V. P. of Administration and Finance. Gary Grodzicki approved minutes with Brenda Boggs seconding the motion.


III.       Chair and Committee Reports:


            A. CUSS Report – No report - Judy Lowe was absent.


B.  Senate Chair Report

1. Luncheon  with Regent Hug - Brenda Stanley attended a luncheon with President Dudley-Eshbach, Regent Richard E. Hug and the President’s Advisory Board.  The topic was centered on faculty and higher tuition. There were three faculty members present with their focus and concerns on their resources being stretched and they too cannot offer the same courses to students who need desired classes for 4-year graduation schedule.  Instead these students will have to go another term or even 5 years to graduate in order to get the desired class.  The conversation was then moved toward the SGA president with more discussion on higher tuition.  After these discussions, Brenda Stanley brought attention to staff the concerns and issues of staff.   The same support and services are being provided to students and faculty even though there have been 60 employees terminated within the last seven months.  Most staff in the areas affected has assumed additional workload.  With this in mind as well as no pay increase in the past 3 years, morale is very low.  The tuition increase will go into financial aid and will not benefit the staff directly.

2. University Forum Meeting - The meeting was short with primary focus on forum committees. Harry Womack wants to see the forum committees doing forum work.  The climate on campus now is faculty focused.  We need to get equal staff representation on these committees so we can have a voice on campus too. Our focus should be on encouraging constituents to volunteer for these committees.  Most positions are 2-year term with some being 3-year term. 


IV.       Old Business:

            A.  Union/Collective Bargaining - now negotiating with the union the University Police final contract and should be in place within a week. Negotiations have not begun for non-exempt employees and have not been determined when this process will start. The President and Administration has agreed to meet with each governing body’s executive committee next Thursday, at 3pm to discuss collective bargaining.  Our concern is how the Staff  Senate’s role-play in with the union and representation of non-exempt  employees not covered by the union. Such concerns are how do we fit them into the Staff Senate, are non-exempts allowed to University Forums and do they have a voice on issues presented at these forums? 

            B.  Update on V.P. Administration & Finance Search – Rosemary Thomas assumed her new  position October 1st.  President Dudley-Eshback explained at the last forum meeting that Ms. Thomas was selected without a search committee because she had applied for and was offered the Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Fund.  This position also falls under the realm of Advancement.  Because Ms. Thomas has a fund raising background, she could assume this role.

            C. CUSS Representative   Jeanette Schadler is SU’s  alternate CUSS rep.  Due to representation of collective bargaining, she cannot retain this position.  Brenda Stanley will meet with Judy Lowe to see who can fill this position.


VI.       New Business:

            A. Privatization of Vending Services – There is a three-part RFP out for vending services.  Part one consists of fountain/soda; part two is non-vending retail and part three is vending.

            B. V.P. Administration & Finance Search – Richard Pusey’s last day is December 31, 2003. Brenda Stanley is on the search committee.  They are in the process of doing airport interviews – there were 111 applications, narrowed down to 25, narrowed down to 17 for phone interviews.  Nine interviews were scheduled at BWI.  Six of these candidates were selected for campus interviews. The campus interviews and tours will begin the last week of October  with the last meeting to conclude November 15th.  Three recommendations (without ranking) are to be given to the President by Thanksgiving break. Hopefully the new V.P. can start January 1, 2004.  The search committee is confident with the candidate pool they have and feel this will not be a failed search.  There will be open forum meetings for question sessions.

            C. Retirement/H.R. Policies – What is the standard policy? There has been great concern on how some retirement socials have been handled on campus.  The President’s office has sponsored some socials where as other retirement socials are paid for out of pocket by most departments.  H.R.’s response and reasons  that  this reflects toward budget restraints and expects each department to handle their share.  They will be able to respond when they can get a more definitive answer.  While on the subject of retirements, Avery Saulsbury is also retiring December 31, 2003.  Search committee is in place and now developing a job description.  More than likely there will be an interim position because the position cannot be filled in that time frame.  The nine search committee members will represent admissions, academic affairs, faculty, student activities and financial services.  It was suggested that there be a student rep but nothing has been confirmed. Sandra Cohea-Weible is head of the committee.


D. Diversity Coordinator Position – President Dudley-Eshbach has decided to bring back a diversity coordinator. She had presented a job description to the Association of African Americans Staff and Faculty in late August and wanted feedback.  It was suggested the position be part time with the intent of full time and it be an internal search.  The committee discussed and agreed that a full time position would be more beneficial.  This will prevent the job being split with his or her current job duties and allow full concentration.   The President asked the opinion of Multi Ethnic Concerns Committee University Forum which consists of all faculty representation.  Their proposal to the President is to make the position a faculty position by taking away one faculty position and make it a full time faculty position and hire someone immediately.  The reason being the faculty is untouchable (not one faculty member has been cut since the budget cut backs). This would send a message that once this position is filled, it’s here to stay.  There was also a suggestion to add tenure so this would become a permanent position. This was proposed to Dr. Buchanan to present to the Faculty and Deans Council. The Dean’s Council is in agreement in theory but conveyed loopholes and pit falls that the individual may face. There will be a meeting setup to discuss the status on this request.  If all goes well, there will be a Diversity Coordinator/Educator for the fall of 2004.


E. University Forum Committee Nominations/Elections – Melissa Thomas is Chair Committee Officer for the Member and Elections Committee.  This needs to be handled very quickly. Hopeful to announce elections by Oct 31st.


F. Senate Committee Elections/Appointments – Chairs have been appointed but no representatives to assist.  Requesting volunteers to assist Bob Maddux, Communications Chair with notification of benefits fair and open staff meeting. (e--mail, posters) Gary Grodzicki volunteered.


G. Open Staff Senate Meeting – October 31st -  Meeting set at 9:30am, Staff Senate will meet at 9am


VIII. Open Discussion/Other Issues – Women’s Forum – Brenda resigned post.  This group meets nine times during academic year.  Majority of meetings held on western shore.  One meeting on Lower Eastern Shore and that alternates between UMES and SU. Even though this is a woman’s forum, issues are not solely related to women.  Topics range from family issues to university concerns. A representative is needed.


IX. Adjournment


Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted

Iva Riggin, Secretary