AUGUST 27, 2003



I.          Call to Order: Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 8: 05am.  In attendance were Jeff Canada, Gary Grodzicki, Judy Lowe,  Iva Riggin, Jeannette Schadler,  Brenda Stanley, Melissa Thomas and Judy Twilley.  Absent:  Brenda Boggs, Joey Faulkner, Byron Hughes, Bob Maddux and Kathy Pusey.


II.        Minutes: August 8th minutes were reviewed with the following change:  Dave Gutosky - exiting member.  Melissa Thomas motioned to approve minutes with Jeff Canada seconding the motion.


III.       Chair and Committee Reports:

            A. CUSS Report by Judy LoweAttendance is dwindling. Chancellor’s suggested that personnel represented by Collective Bargaining not attend meetings.

                        1. Military Leave – Pay was approved for those on military leave would be paid the difference between their pay and State pay.

                        2. Tuition Waver -  Policy in effect that employees can take 8 credit hours with no course limit.  (Has been changed to hours instead of courses)

                        3. Termination – Ninety Days Notice to be given to all employees (not to be selective) Policy/guidelines has not yet been approved by the Chancellor.

                        4. CUSS Representatives – To be discussed in New Business.


IV.       Old Business:

            A.  Furlough Days – Per H.R. days will be deducted in pay period taken.

            B.  Holiday Leave  Strongly encourages employees take prior to January 3rd, 2004 (helps with clerical work at year end.)  Technically, employees still have to January 31st, 2004 to take holiday leave.

            C. On Line Payroll and H.R. Clarification - Time frame as to when everyone will be on line has not been determined.  Some on-line time sheets are still not accurate. Judy T. swipes time card and has not received any verification of accrued time.   Brenda S. explained there is no check in balance at this time.


V.        New Business:

            A. Committee Selections – Attendance to low to select representatives and may be possible at next meeting.

            B. Recent Budget Cuts - 

                        1. Layoffs – Concerns regarding August termination notices that certain employees had to leave the same day of notice. Ninety-day notice was given at last round of termination notification. If  employee leave is requested same day, paid administrative leave goes into effect for ninety days.  Level of security access to prevent breech in SU system is a factor.






AUGUST 27, 2003


V.        New Business Continued:

                        2. Vacant Positions –    Six vacant positions; two housekeepers that retired;   one  employee from Student Health Services retiring; One housekeeping

employee is retiring in December and four Contingent I positions with no contract renewals-which equals two full time positions.

C. Union Representation -  No bargaining committee selected yet for 3-year contract. When does representation begin? Is it public knowledge who is exempt from representation? Standing guideline would be anyone in a supervisory position, H.R. staff and those that have access to confidential information.

D. H.R. Support - Dr. Zinner to meet with officers of respective bodies to discuss  this issue. (Brenda will let us know when this meeting takes place.)  Harry Womack is asking the Forum’s Employee Relations Committee to attend.  He wants info to get out to campus community regarding the lack of support and information presented to employees.

E. CUSS Representative – According to CUSS By-Laws, Jeannette Schadler cannot be alternate representative. Representation needed is 1 non-exempt not covered by collective bargaining; 1 exempt and 1 representative elected at large. This will be put on agenda for the next Staff Senate’s meeting.


VI.       Open Discussion/Other Issues

A. Motor Pool – Charter/Limousine service has been contracted. Available are four vans of fifteen-passenger capacity for out of state trips and one bus with a driver is still available for small groups and athletic dept. Bus can’t go out side of state due to state attorney’s office with SU being self-insured.  State cars are still available.

B. Privatization of Book Store and Vending – This was evaluated during budget review in February and is still on table.  No new report on Facts and Figures budget.

C. Bumping Rights – Seniority occurred in first round of terminations but is questionable whether this right was offered during the second set of terminations.  Is there a policy in effect to determine this?

D. I-9 Training – Sore subject with employees. There were split training sessions between H.R. and Career Services so information was inconsistent.

E.  Provost Search Committee -  Hope full to have position filled by Thanksgiving.

F. University Advancement Replacement – There was no search committee for this position.  Person hired for Alumni Director filled position for V.P. University Advancement/SU Foundation Executive Director.

G. Forum Committees and Staff Senate Representatives – Whose By-Laws do you follow?


Brenda S. Confirmed next meeting for September 19th at 9:30pm

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted

Iva Riggin, Secretary