AUGUST 8, 2003



I.          Call to Order: Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 8:10am. Brenda welcomed everyone.  In attendance were Marvin Ames (exiting), Brenda Boggs (new), Jeff Canada (new), Maggie Cohea (exiting), Jackie Eberts (exiting), Gary Grodzicki (new), Dave Gutoskey (exiting), Byron Hughes (new), Bob Maddux, Kathy Pusey, Iva Riggin, Alan Selser (exiting), Brenda Stanley, Melissa Thomas (new) and Estella Young (exiting)

Absent: Joey Faulkner, Judy Lowe, Judy Twilley, and Jeannette Schadler


II.        Minutes: May 30th minutes were not reviewed.


III.       Chair’s Report

A.        By-Laws – Brief review of officer’s responsibilities, Chair, 2nd Chair, 3rd Chair and Secretary.


B.         Establish Meetings Schedule – Everyone agreed to meet every third Friday, 9:30am at various locations. The following dates have been set: September 19th, October 10th, October 31st, November 21st and December 12th, 2003. Spring semester dates to be determined at a later date.


C.        Next scheduled meeting Wednesday, August 27th at 9:30am to discuss budget and current layoffs.


IV.       New Business

A.        Nominations and Election of Officers –

            1. Gary Grodzicki – 2nd Chair

            2. Melissa Thomas – 3rd Chair

            3. Iva Riggin - Secretary

            4. Judy Lowe – CUSS Representative

            5. Jeannette Schadler – Alternate CUSS Representative


B.         Establish Chair Committee Officers – Representatives will be determined at next meeting. Alan Selser conveyed committees did not meet 2002/2003 due to collective bargaining and that some issues were discussed at regular Staff Senate meetings.

            1. Member & Elections – MelissaThomas

            2. Payroll & Human Resources – Jeff Canada

            3. Communications – Bob Maddux







AUGUST 8, 2003

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V. Other Business

A.        Leap year adjustments in payroll – Letter was issued by H.R. Dept. notifying SU employees of an adjustment in pay rate.  Payroll adjustment/ deduction has been the same procedure for past leap years.  This year’s adjustment along with no cola, merit or raise increases was more noticeable.


B.         Furlough Days Policy  - Employees working on designated furlough days (March 26th and May 21, 2004) would be able to take off day during same pay period.  Payroll adjustments were not accounted for with letter from H.R. These adjustments will be done manually by Payroll.


C.        Floating Holiday – Paid Holiday’s Calendar for 2003 states that the floating holiday must be taken prior to January 3, 2004.  Policy has always been that holidays must be taken by January 31, 2004.  Needs to be clarified.


D.        Time Sheets – Mix-up on some employee’s time sheets regarding holiday time taken.  Employees need to keep track of their time.  Paper time sheets still issued to departments not on web.  Library is next department scheduled for electronic time sheets.


E.         Narrative of Facts and Figures from Presidents Office – Overview of budget issues for fiscal year 2003-04. Gives an overview of budget cuts, reductions and tuition increases.


F.         Layoffs – Nine Positions affected based on vice president’s departments.  Three positions are retirement and will not be filled. Employees to be notified around August 15th.  Campus community concerned on how notification is handled.  Open sessions to be held to discuss concerns and suggestions.

            1. Provost – Academic Affairs – 3 positions

            2. V.P. Student Affairs & Activities – 1 position

            3. V.P. Administration & Finance – 5 positions



Meeting Adjourned.