May 14, 2004


I.                   Chair/Committee Reports

a.       CUSS Judy Lowe was absent from the meeting but on her behalf Brenda mentioned that there are two more CUSS meetings scheduled June and August in which Judy will serve.  We need to find a new CUSS Representative and Alternate.  The Membership Committee will be taking care of seeking those who are interested.

b.      Membership Elections are underway for Staff Senators.  There were more nominations than openings for Contingents and Non-Exempt NCBCB.  Exempt however needs to fill 3 positions, but only 2 individuals put their name forth for election.  A write-in is requested for anyone who might be interested to represent Exempt staff on the senate.

c.       HR/Payroll The committee has not met since there last meeting but another meeting should be scheduled before the end of the June.  They still have to address issues brought up at the first meeting.

d.      Communications Question was raised by Melissa Thomas how most departments disseminate messages to employees without email access.  Bob stated that most supervisors like him, print copies and post it for the staff.  Bob requested whether the Staff Senate had a budget for color paper because with the various communications that come from the Staff Senate, it would be easier for the staff to delineate between the different correspondences.  Brenda stated that there is a small budget.  Kathy Pusey will research where the color paper can be obtained and email Bob.

e.       PAT Brenda summarized the last PAT meeting.  Tom Jones, Dean of the Henson School highlighted events and information about the school.  Town Gown Council will hold its first meeting on June 1st.  Of interest is to define what types of opportunities SU is already doing with the community.  There are 25 members on the council, Brenda Stanley is one and Maarten Pereboom from the History Department is the Chair.  She will continue to send information to the Staff Senate about the Town Gown Council even after her term of office is over.  Fun Day is scheduled for 9/18 and will be similar to the Fun Day that was held when SU celebrated its 75th anniversary.  Brenda encouraged everyone on the Staff Senate to make themselves available and participate in the event.

II.                Old Business

a.       University Forum Changes have been made to the University Forum By-laws which include:

                                                               i.      Changing references to the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) to the Staff Senate (SS)

                                                             ii.      Executive Committee to consist of 6 members instead of 9.  Each Senate President/Chair plus one elected member from each group.

                                                            iii.      7 meetings to 4 meetings: Sept., Nov., Feb. & April (with the option to hold more if necessary/requested)

                                                           iv.      Future By-law changes will only need 1 reading instead of 2 readings.


b.      Our Staff Senate needs to vote on these by-law changes, but unfortunately today we do not have a quorum.  Byron Hughes will be our additional member of the University Forum Executive Committee for next year.

c.       Salary Postings In the past salaries were listed by position titles however in 2003 salaries were listed with employee names.  Hopefully the Staff Senate and HR/Payroll committee can look into this further.

III.             Other Business/Announcements

a.       Gray Grodzicki is resigning his Exempt position from the Staff Senate.  Due to personnel changes in Admissions and the coverage of responsibilities he will be traveling more and does not feel he will be able to fulfill his responsibilities as Chair or as a Senator.

b.      Jane Fandray has requested the establishment of an advisory committee for the bookstore under the University Forum.  Melissa Thomas stated that this advisory committee might not be as productive if under the Forum because a by-law change would need to take place and there would have to be formal elections in order to form the membership.  Other departments on campus have advisory groups in which they seek participation from the campus community without the formal structure of being under a campus governance body.

c.       We need to explore ways to recognize staff as a follow-up to our own conversations and our meeting the President today.  Brenda Stanley and Bob Maddox will work on a communication to go out to the staff regarding options such as a staff member of the month, picnic, tea with the President or others in which the staff can reply as to which they would see as being meaningful.

Meeting Adjourned by Melissa Thomas, Motioned Seconded by Bob Maddox.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Thomas