April 23, 2004



I.                   Call to Order: Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 9:38 amIn attendance: Jeff Canada, Byron Hughes, Judy Lowe, Bob Maddux, Jeanette Schadler, Brenda Stanley, Melissa Thomas and Judy Twilley.  Absent:  Brenda Boggs, Gary Grodzicki, Joey Faulkner, Kathy Pusey and Iva Riggin. 


II.                Minutes: March 16th minutes were reviewed with the following changes:  correction to misspelled names.  Judy Lowe made a motion to approve the minutes as correct – Jeanette Schadler seconded the motion.  Motion approved.


III.             Chair and Committee Reports:


A.     CUSS Report – Judy Lowe shared the minutes of the March 16, 2004 meeting.  Of particular interest was the BEST (Building Excellence through Staff Training) Program which is being reviewed by the CUSS representatives.  Their goal is to forward the policy to the Chancellor.  This policy would enhance the staff in recruiting and retaining the best workforce through personal/professional training and development.  A draft of the policy was first presented 12/12/2000.

In Collective Bargaining: a MOU with ACSME for 7 institutions (not including Salisbury) is waiting to be approved.  The 7 institutions went into a coalition for non-exempt employees.

Salary guidelines are being sent to the Chancellor.  This will address adj., COLA and Merit in regards to employee salaries.


B.     Committee Reports

1.      Membership Report – Melissa Thomas
The committee will meet on April 30th to create the ballots for contingent, exempt and non-exempt staff senators.  Correction from last meeting, we will need: 3 exempt, 2 for 3 year term and 1 for 1 year term; 1 contingent (this was the change); 2 non-exempt not covered by collective bargaining, 1 for 3 year term and 1 for 2 year term.  We are still in need of nominations, especially for the exempt classification.  The elections will start the first week of May.

2.      HR/Payroll Report – Jeff Canada
The committee met for the first time this year on April 15th at 9 AM.  The Service Awards held on March 17th were discussed.  Attendance was lower this year.  Talked about notification to the entire campus of who was honored.  Don’t know who publication identifiying.  Suggested some type of notification should be done – provided an example that faculty tenure is published in the paper. 

A staff picnic was a big topic in order to help improve employee morale.  Pep Rally might be an opportunity the Friday before the Fall semester.  Convocation is at 3 PM and pep rally is after from 4:30 – 7 PM.

Discussed the USM Supervisor Evaluation Form used during the PMP process.  Used in Team Building sessions but not how it should be implemented.  Some departments do use it on campus.  Equally, there is a prevailing mentality that employees can not get an overall rating on “Outstanding” on campus in PMPs.

Other issues are being identified for the committee to address including consistency and equity of policies regarding lateness, public record of salaries.  The committee plans to meet at least once a month.

3.      President’s Advisory Team (PAT) – Brenda Stanley
A tuition cap bill was approved by the state legislature public higher education institution’s can only increase tuition by 5% based on increase from the state to higher education.  It is expected that Governor Erhlich will veto this bill.  If so, then SU’s tuition might increase by 20% for Fall 2004.

A COLA was approved by the state legislature.  Instead of the original proposed 1.6% - a flat COLA of $752 will be given to each employee.  A 2.5% Merit pool has also been approved.  However, if tuition does not cover this 2.5% merit, then the University budget might have to be cut somewhere in order to provide the merit to employees.

Another bill passed provides more flexibility for the USM in the creation of positions.  The process is streamlined so that it is within the system only.

Money was reallocated to the Education – Technology Building.  A 2006 ground breaking expected.  10 million was added to the capital budget.

Town Gown Council will be meeting on Thursday, May 6th.  Brenda Stanley has been asked to join the council.

IV.              Old Business: Collective Bargaining


A.     The Management Team for SU comprises of Frank Stedman, Anne Donoway (Attorney General), Donna Keener and Richard Pusey.  Richard Pusey is part of the team until June 30, 2004.  Advisors to the team include Jim Miller, Jane Dané, John Fields and Tony Cerulli.  VP Greig Mitchell will be the point person for communication back to the campus.

V.                 New Business:


A.     Committee Participation: Brenda Stanley requested Melissa Thomas to send each member of the Executive Committee a list of all staff on Staff Senate and University Forum Committees.


B.     Middle States: The Steering committee for Middle States is working on guiding questions.  In the fall the committee will be looking for members to participate on committees for the review process.

C.     University Forum Restructuring: There was a lot proposed by the Forum Executive Committee in restructuring how the University Forum will operate through the bylaws.  The final resolution was to amend the bylaws so that the Forum will hold 2 meetings per Fall and Spring semesters and have the opportunity for another meeting as needed (so 5 in total).  Change the process for bylaw amendments from two readings to one meeting – primarily since each governing group will also need to approve on the Bylaw changes.

D.    Chancellor Kirwan Visit:  Recap of events; minutes already posted on the web.


VI.              Open Discussion/Other Issues: No additional issues at this time


Next Staff Senate meeting will be May 14th at 9:30 AM.


Meeting Adjourned by Judy Lowe, Motioned Seconded by Melissa Thomas


Respectfully Submitted

Melissa Thomas