March 5, 2004



I.                   Call to Order: Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 9: 40am.  In attendance were, Brenda Boggs, Gary Grodzicki, Bob Maddux, Iva Riggin, Brenda Stanley, Melissa Thomas and Judy Twilley.  Absent:  Jeff Canada, Joey Faulkner, Byron Hughes, Judy Lowe, Kathy Pusey and Jeannette Schadler. 


II.                Minutes: February 13th minutes were reviewed with the following changes:  First page, paragraph five, last sentence to read: Funding for the new education building was approved but delayed under the next capital budget. Second page, paragraph six, last sentence to read:  University Police is the only group who has completed their M.O .U.


III.             Chair and Committee Reports:


A.     CUSS Report – Judy Lowe was absent but passed along some items of interest to share.  According to Rosario van Daalen, (USM Liaison) Associate Director Human Resources stated the likelihood of a 2.5 merit increase and COLA look very good.  There will not be a $500 state match again this year. CUSS has made a recommendation in regards to the merit increase funds. The rule in place is that a 2.5% increase is based on employee’s evaluation of meeting standards. Depending the school or department you are in, could determine the gauge of percentage an employee would receive and without any flexibility. CUSS has recommended changing that the department has no flexibility to determine what the gauge should be regarding the outcome of the evaluation.   


B.     Committee Reports

1.      Membership Report – Melissa Thomas
The committee has four people, Lisa Gray, Joey Faulkner, Brenda Stanley and Melissa Thomas. We need to start formal soliciting for staff senate nominations April 1st. Positions needed: 3 exempt, 2 for 3 year term and 1 for 1 year term; Contingents – non at this time; 2 non-exempt not covered by collective bargaining.  Hopeful to have nominations submitted by end of April for May elections.  Hopeful to have members elected by June’s meeting. Another priority is based on the By-Laws and tiered positions. One – three year term and one – two year term will have to be tiered.  This info will be given at the open staff meeting, March 17th.  It was agreed that a better explanation of responsibilities and committee representation be explained to nominees.

2.      Communications & PR Report - Bob Maddux had no report at this time. He will send out e-mails to campus community and post the upcoming open staff meeting.


IV.              Old Business: University Forum Meeting


A.     Dr. Arlene White, Director of General Education will be sending out an e-mail to the entire campus regarding starting focus groups for planning and restructuring the education program.  Dr. White wants input from everyone, not just faculty.  Harry Womack sent out an e-mail February 23rd regarding SU Forum Restructuring Questionnaire.  There are questions regarding merit of the Forum staying in existence; should some of the committees be restructured.  Should there be a collective body to speak for the masses.  This could have an impact on the Staff Senate By-Laws.

B.     Orientation program; People Soft issues Harry Womack had Dr. Carol Williamson to speak at forum on student affairs. Collective Bargaining – Donna Keener and Richard Pusey were asked to respond on where we stand, management team comprised to review MOU. Identify who is on management team, Richard Pusey representing staff, this is still in process, doesn’t know who else at this time. SGA has volunteer program coming up in the next two weeks.


V.                 New Business:


A.     Open staff meeting March 17th 10am, Holloway Auditorium. The agenda will consist of Dr. Ron Dotterer, Chair for Middle States Steering Committee, address purpose and individuals volunteering for steering committee working groups; Middle State visitation 2006.  President Dudley-Eshbach will give a presentation but no indication what the presentations’ about.

B.     Dr. Buchanan informed Brenda that Dr. William Kirwan, Chancellor will be in Salisbury, March 23rd attending a dinner meeting with The Greater Salisbury Committee and attending the TEDCO conference on campus.  Dr. Kirwan would like for the executive staff from both senates to meet with him at 3pm.

C.     No furlough days for the 2004 calendar year.  March 26th and May 21st have been canceled.

D.    Issue regarding “Sad News” – notification to campus.  H.R. stated there is a policy that a death announcement has to be authorized by the family member before put out to campus.

E.     CUSS Alternate – UMBC meeting in February created an interesting issue as to the compensation for attending these meetings.  Judy Lowe, current rep and volunteer Brenda Boggs attended meeting.  H.R. was contacted regarding if compensation includes entire day (include traveling) or duty day. Inge Frost responded to issue that the employee would be compensated for duty day.  Reason being that Brenda was a passenger and Staff Senate is strictly volunteer.  Comp time is state determined.  No written policy in H.R. it’s the policy they follow.   There seems to be no consistencies on policies from H.R. Employees seem to receive different responses on same issue.

F.      Service Awards Recognition – Melissa Thomas reports that the morale of employees is low.  Recipients lunch with President March 17th in the Wicomico Room.  Melissa sent Maria Tawes an e-mail asking if this event would be publicized, and the answer was no. Melissa recommended that an article be sent to campus community (i.e., campus digest or eSU news) to identify those recipients.  Maybe the Staff Senate H.R./Payroll committee can address this.

VI.              Open Discussion/Other Issues: No additional issues at this time


Next CUSS meeting, at UMB March 18th, Byron to attend; April 22nd at UMCP; May 20th at UMCP; June 24th at UMES; August 19th at SU.  Next Staff Senate meeting, April 2nd.  Select senators in April as well as CUSS representative (one exempt and on non-exempt) There could be two new CUSS representatives for the next term.


Meeting Adjourned by Brenda Stanley, Motioned Seconded by Judy Twilley


Respectfully Submitted

Iva Riggin, Secretary