Virtual Executive Staff Senate Meeting

Friday, June 11, 2004




I.                   Approval of Minutes – April 23, 2004 & May 14, 2004

We did not have a quorum at our last meeting and so we could not approve the minutes.  Please review both documents and send your corrections back to me before our July meeting. We can approve the minutes via email.  Just make sure that everyone replies back to me.


II.                Chair/Committee Reports

a.      CUSS

There is a CUSS meeting scheduled for June 22nd at UMES.  Judy cannot attend because of New Student Orientation.  She is asking for a volunteer to attend on behalf of the SU Staff Senate.  Byron and I will be unable to attend for the same reason as Judy.  If anyone else is available to attend, please contact Judy Lowe and she can give you further details. 


b.      Membership

Per Melissa’s email, the election process has been extended to June 23, 2004 for a variety of reasons (i.e. low returns, problems with electronic ballots, run-off ballots).  It is Melissa’s hope that by allowing this extension, more people will submit their votes.  This also means that we as senators must do our part to encourage our colleagues to turn those ballots in on/before June 23rd.  So go drum up some business for the Staff Senate.  We are losing a lot of senators this go around and so we need to make sure we meet the requirements of our bylaws.  Thanks Melissa for your persistence and dedication in dealing with this “never-ending” election process.


c.       President

The Town/Gown Council met again on June 2nd.  The community members are really “gung-ho” about this committee and have come up with a lot of projects and initiatives to rebuild our relationship with the community.  SU Day was mentioned again, and again, I would like to encourage everyone to participate (when asked) or at least come to the event.  With the events proposed, it looks to be a wonderful program.  There was also mention of bringing back the SU Gala.  This would give our folks an opportunity to get together outside of work, get all dressed up and raise money for our SU Scholarships.  Rosemary Thomas is spear-heading this campaign.  The Search Committee for the position of Director of Institutional Diversity submitted their final recommendations to the Provost and President.  The position start date was advertised as July 1st, so we should hear something soon. 


III.             Old Business

At our last meeting, the President asked us to get some feedback from the staff about ways to help boost morale and suggestions on what the administration could be doing or doing better.  Rather than me creating the message, I thought it more fitting to gather feedback first from the senators (new and old).  And so, I would like to ask that this issue be addressed at the next meeting on July 9th.   The University Forum has proposed by-law changes that require all governing bodies to approve.  Please review the document again and let me know if you are in agreement with the proposed changes.  We can virtually approve the document (via email) or do a vote at the July 9th meeting.  I would prefer the first option as the new senators will not know about the by-law changes and it may create confusion and further delay.


IV.              New Business

One of our colleagues approached me about HR policies.  She was under the impression that the Staff Senate had helped to implement a policy that would require all non-exempt position postings to be advertised internally first.  If this is the case, it was before my time.  I was wondering if any of you were aware of such a discussion or policy implementation.  I recommended that she contact our Past Presidents, Alan Selser and Linda Beall.  If this requires further discussion, I would defer that discussion to our HR/Staff Committee. 


V.                 Special Announcement

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of this year’s Executive Staff Senate.  Without your involvement, I am certain we would not have been able to make the strides we made this year.  As President, I have learned a great deal about our staff, our faculty, our students, our administration, but more importantly, about myself.  I feel I have grown more as a person and leader at SU because of my involvement with the Staff Senate.  I can honestly say that I will walk away from this position proud of what we have accomplished but even prouder of those I am leaving behind to continue the fight for staff issues.  Melissa will do an excellent job as your next President.  Her attention to detail and due diligence are assets necessary for this position.  For those of you leaving, best wishes and thank you for your service.  For those of you staying, keep up the good work and remember that slow and steady wins the race.  I will be around and you can look for me at your Open Staff Senate meetings.  I bid you all a fond farewell.