Salisbury State University
Staff Senate Meeting
July 7, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 a.m. by Donna Test. In attendance were: Vicky Adeniran, Linda Beall, Mike Burton, Tony D=Antonio, Ken Kundell, Ross Leisten, Judy Lowe, Marylane McGlinchey, John Shortt, Linda Abresch, Alexis Dashield, Mary Luke, Bob Meigel, Heather Milligan, Melanie Stefursky, Donna Test and Tammy Trivits. Guest at the meeting: Leon Burks.

Order of Meetings
-Section I. Rules, III.Ia of the By-laws state that Roberts Rules of Order Revised be used for meetings. Melanie Stefursky will provide each senator with a copy prior to next meeting.

Nomination of Officers
- Linda Beall called for nominations for Officers of the Executive Committee of the Staff Senate. The following nominations were duly made and seconded:

  • President - Linda Abresch 
                        Bob Meigel
                        Donna Test

  • 1st Vice President - Judy Lowe
                                      Mary Luke
                                      Donna Test
                                      Mike Burton

  • 2nd  Vice President - Ross Leisten
                                        Vaughn White
                                         Tammy Trivits

  • Corresponding Secretary - Judy Lowe

  • Recording Secretary - Melanie Stefursky 

  • Election of Officers - The Officers elected for a two-year term are:

    President -                             Linda Abresch
    lst Vice President -               Mary Luke
    2nd Vice President -              Vaughn White
    Corresponding Secretary -   Judy Lowe
    Recording Secretary -          Melanie Stefursky

    CUSS Appointments - Linda Beall called for nominations for the non-exempt CUSS representative. Motions were duly made and seconded to nominate Tammy Trivits and Donna Test. Tammy Trivits was elected by written ballot and appointed by the Staff Senate to serve a 2-year term as non-exempt CUSS representative. Donna Test was elected by written ballot and appointed by the Staff Senate to serve a two-year term as alternate.

    Vicky Adeniran is currently serving as exempt CUSS representative.

    Judy Lowe was appointed to serve as alternate exempt CUSS representative for a 1-year term.

    The terms for each senator were determined by consensus of the Senate as follows:
    Exempt Staff -Two-Year Term
    Mike Burton
    Ross Leisten
    Judy Lowe
    Marylane McGlinchey
    Vaughn White

    Exempt Staff - One-Year Term
    Vicky Adeniran
    Linda Beall
    Tony D'Antonio
    Ken Kundell
    John Shortt

    Non-Exempt Staff - Two-Year Term
    Linda Abresch
    Mary Luke
    Melanie Stefursky
    Donna Test
    Tammy Trivits

    Non-Exempt Staff - One-Year Term
    Alexis Dashield
    Bob Meigel
    Heather Milligan
    Lea Wimbrow

    Notification of elected staff senators and officers will be made to the campus community.

    Linda Abresch, newly elected President, presided over the remainder of the meeting.

    Appointment of Non-Exempt Staff Senator - The vacant position of Non-exempt staff Senator will be filled by a member of Housekeeping personnel. A letter, drafted by Donna Test and edited by the members, will be sent to members of Housekeeping staff as notification that applications are being sought to fill this vacant Senate position. The letter will be attached to paychecks of the staff and posted near the time clock in Physical Plant and on the bulletin board at Human Relations in Holloway Hall.

    Applications will be accepted by Bob Meigel in Physical Plant until Monday, July 31. The Senate will review the applications at its next scheduled meeting.

    Forum Committees - The action to elect senators to fill Forum committee slots was tabled until next meeting.

    Staff Senate Meeting times - The next meeting of the Staff Senate will be on Thursday, July 20 at 7:45 a.m. At this meeting, the Senate will establish regular meeting dates and times and send notification to the campus community via email and the SSU web site.

    Web Page Address - Ken Kundell will change the current SAC Web Page address to Staff Senate. Ken will also identify a new email address for the Staff Senate.

    New Business -

    1. Linda Abresch will request that Richard Pusey draft a letter to SSU supervisors regarding released time for staff senators to attend meetings.

    2. Donna Test reminded senators to read and become familiar with the various handouts on policy. Of special importance is the ASSU Performance Management Process Proposed Changes@ document, which will be discussed in the future.

    3. Donna Test requested that senators look over the list of staff who are interested in serving on Senate Standing Committees. The Senate needs to form these committees as soon as possible.


    The next meeting of the Staff Senate will be Thursday, July 20 at 7:45 a.m. in HH, 027.


    Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.










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