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Faculty Senate
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2017-18 Faculty Senate Committees

Committee chairs are encouraged to arrange committee meetings in the Dudley-Esbach Faculty Center by following the guidelines on the WEBPAGE.

Committees of the Faculty Senate
Membership & Elections Committee 2017 Annual Report
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee 2017 Annual Report
Academic Policies Committee 2017 Annual Report
Honors College Committee 2017 Annual Report
Library Committee 2017 Annual Report
Faculty Development Committee 2017 Annual Report
Committee on Promotions 2017 Annual Report
Faculty Welfare Committee 2017 Annual Report
Committee on Academic Freedom & Tenure 2017 Annual Report
Long Range Academic Planning Committee 2017 Annual Report
International Education Committee 2017 Annual Report
Learning With Technology Committee 2017 Annual Report
Faculty Awards & Recognition Committee 2017 Annual Report
Admissions & Readmissions Committee 2017 Annual Report
Faculty Financial Affairs Committee 2017 Annual Report
University Academic Assessment Committee 2017 Annual Report
Honors Convocation Committee 2017 Annual Report
Senate Special Purpose Committees
Committees Reporting to the Faculty Senate
Council of University System Faculty (CUSF)
MHEC Faculty Advisory Committee (MHEC FAC)
Athletics Committee
Graduate Council
Summer Advisory Committee (SAC)
General Education Review Steering Committee (GERSC)
Membership & Elections Committee

Chair: Lisa Marquette
Designated Senator:
Christy Harper
Jeffery Emmert, PSYC, 17-20, FULTON
Seth Friese, CHEM, 15-18, HENSON
Rob Richerson, MGMT/MKTG, 15-18, PERDUE
Lisa Marquette, HSS, 16-19, SEIDEL

Membership & Elections Committee Procedures

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Chair: Philip Anderson
Designated Senator: Emily Story
Jon Philip Imbrenda, EDSP, 17-20, At-large
Elizabeth Curtin, ENGL, 15-18, At-large
Yuki Okubo, PSYC, 16-19, At-large
Amal Ali Moustafa, GEOG, 16-19, FULTON (At-large)
Philip Anderson, BIOL, 15-18, HENSON
Shawn McEntee, SOCI, 16-18, PERDUE (At-large)

Fulbert Namwamba, ENVR, 17-20, SEIDEL
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Website

Academic Policies Committee
Chair: Troy Banks
Designated Senator: Thomas Cawthern
John Wenke, ENGL, 17-20 At-large
Troy Banks, MATH/COSC, 16-19, At-large
Colleen Clark, MUSC
,17-20, FULTON
Thomas Cawthern, GEOG, 16-19, HENSON
Fatollah Salimian, INFO, 15-18, PERDUE
Brandy Terrill, EDUC, 15-18, SEIDEL

Honors College Committee
Chair: Rhyannon Bemis
Designated Senator: Stephen Ford
Rhyannon Bemis, PSYC, 15-18, FULTON
Jessica Clark, BIOL - (William Campbell, NURS, 15-18, HENSON - SPRING 17 Sabbatical)
Angeline Prichard, LIBR, 17-20, LIBRARY
Ani Mathers, ECON, 17-20, PERDUE
Stephen Habay, CHEM, 17-20, At-Large

Honors College Committee Links:
Committee Minutes - Other Documents

Honors Program Website

Library Committee
Chair: Dustin Chambers
Designated Senator: Kurt Ludwick
Lori DeWitt, CMAT, 16-19, FULTON
Stephen Habay, CHEM, 16-19, HENSON
Caroline Eckardt, LIBR, 17-20, LIBRARY
Dustin Chambers, ECON, 15-18, PERDUE
Laura Marinaro, HSS, 17-20, SEIDEL

Faculty Development Committee
Chair: Victoria Venable
Designated Senator: Chrys Egan
Lisa Marquette, HSS, 15-18, At-large
Sarah Surak, POSC, 16-19, At-large
Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, HIST - 17-20, Fulton
Meghan East, HSS, 16-19, HENSON
Victoria Venable, SOWK, 17-20, At-Large
Derya Kulavus-Onal, ENGL, 15-18, SEIDEL (At-large)

Travel Grants Site

Committee on Promotions

Chair: Meredith Patterson
Designated Senator: Aaron Hogue

Vicki Root,

Asif Shakur, PHYS, 16-19, FULTON (At-large)
Gina Bloodworth, GEOG, 16-19, HENSON
Kirsten Passyn, MGMT/MKTG, 15-18, PERDUE
Meredith Patterson, PSYC, 15-18, At-large
Scott Mazzetti, HSS, 15-18, At-large 

Manav Ratti, ENGL, 15-18, At-large Alternate
Aaron Hogue, BIOL, 16-18, At-large Alternate
Special Eligibility: Not eligible for promotion during service on this committee; must be tenured; department chairpersons may not serve.

Faculty Welfare Committee
Pat McDermott and April Logan 
Designated Senator: Thomas Calo
Fulbert Namwamba, ENVR, 17-20, At-large
Ignaciyas Soosaipillai, CADR, 16-19, FULTON (At-large)
Dorothea Winter, NURS, 16-19, HENSON
Pat McDermott, MGMT, 15-18, PERDUE
Chin-Hsiu Chen, EDUC, 15-18, SEIDEL (At-large)

Special Eligibility: Must be tenured. 

Committee on Academic Freedom & Tenure
Chair: Adam Wood

Designated Senator: Adam Wood
Rita Nutt, NURS, 17-20, At-large
Adam Wood, ENGL, 17-20, At-large
Asif Shakur, PHYS, 17-20, At-large

Louise Anderson, MUSC, 15-18, At-large
Paul Scovell
CMAT, 15-18, At-large
Special Eligibility: Must be tenured.

Long Range Academic Planning Committee
Designated Senator: Stephen Adams
Jonathan Munemo, ECON, 17-19, At-Large

Jon-Philip Imbrenda, EDSP, 16-18, At-large

Dean Kiotlowski, HIST, 17-19, FULTON 
Meghan East, HSS, 16-18, HENSON
Eric Rittinger, POSC, 16-18, SEIDEL

International Education Committee
Chair: Eric Liebgold
Designated Senator: Celine Carayon
Derya Kulavuz-Onal, ENGL, 16-19, FULTON
Celine Carayon, HIST, 15-18, FULTON
Eric Liebgold, BIOL, 16-19, HENSON
Voncelia Brown, NURS, 15-18, HENSON
Caroline Eckardt, LIBR, Sp 17-Sp 18, LIBRARY
Jonathan Munemo, ECON/FINA, 16-19, PERDUE
Tylor Claggett, FINA - (Jeffrey Kottemann, INFO, 15-18, PERDUE - Fall 16 sabbatical)
Aurelie Van de Wiele, MDFL, 16-19, SEIDEL (At-large)
Claudia Burgess, EDUC, 15-18, SEIDEL

Learning With Technology Committee
Jose Juncosa
Designated Senator: Douglas DeWitt
Rebecca Anthony, SOWK, 15-18, At-large
Alexander Halperin, MATH/COSC, 16-19, At-large
Brent Zaprowski, GEOG, 17-20, At-large
Jose Juncosa, CHEM, 15-18, HENSON
Christopher Woodall, LIBR, 17-20, LIBRARY
Claire Kew, MDFL, 16-19, PERDUE
Timothy Werner, HSS, 17-20, SEIDEL
Committee Website

Faculty Awards & Recognition Committee
Chair: James Forte
Designated Senator: James Parrigin
Elsie Walker, ENGL, SP 17-SP 18, At-large
Tom Goyens, HIST, 17-20, FULTON
Christina Camillo, HESC, 15-18, HENSON
James Forte, SOWK, Sp 17-Sp 19, SEIDEL

Special Eligibility: Must be tenured.

Admissions & Readmissions Committee
Chair: Echo Leaver

Designated Senator: David Parker
Diane Illig, SOCI, 16-19, At-large
Angelina Prichard, LIBR, 16-19, At-large
Echo Leaver, PSYC, 15-18, FULTON
Katherine Hinderer, NURS, 17-20, HENSON
David Emerson, ACCT, 17-20, PERDUE

Troy Banks, MATH/COSC, 15-18, SEIDEL

Faculty Financial Affairs Committee
Chair: Leonard Arvi
Designated Senator: Sam Geleta

Jennifer Martin, LIBR, 17-20, At-Large   
Michele Schlehofer Copper, PSYC, SP 17-SP 18, At-large
Doug DeWitt, EDSP, 16-19, FULTON
Michele Bracken, NURS, 17-20, HENSON
James Parrigin, LIBR, 17-20, LIBRARY
Leonard Arvi, ECON, 16-19, PERDUE
Jessica Walter, HSS, Sp 17-Sp 18, SEIDEL

University Academic Assessment Committee
Chair: Thomas Tomcho
Designated Senator: Anita Brown
Vincent Genareo, EDUC, 17-20, At-large
Charles Boster, ACCT, 16-19, At-large
Thomas Tomcho, PSYC, 16-19, FULTON
Gail Welsh, PHYS, 17-20, HENSON
Susan Brazer, LIBR, 15-18, LIBRARY
Paul Scovell, CMAT, 15-18, PERDUE

Honors Convocation Committee

Designated Senator: Jennifer Jewell
Allessia Owens, SOWK, 17-20, At-large
Moushumi Chakraborty, LIBR, 15-18, At-large
Jenny Toonstra, HSS, 15-18 At-large
Alison Dewald, CHEM, 16-19, At-large
Heidi Fritz, PSYC, 16-19, At-large

Senate Special Purpose Committees
These four committees are elected when needed as described in the Faculty Senate Bylaws:
Faculty Mediation Committee
Faculty Hearing Committee
Faculty Retrenchment Committee
Retrenchment Appeals Committee

Council of University System Faculty (CUSF)
Roberta Adams, POSC, 17-20, At-Large
David Parker, MATH, 15-18, At-large
Vitus Ozoke, CADR, 16-19, At-large

CUSF has monthly, day-long meetings from September through May/June at different USM campuses:

Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)
Faculty Advisory Committee
Special Eligibility: SU alternates with FSU for this position.
2-year term to Frostburg, 16-18
MHEC FAC meets monthly every third Tuesday, from September through May at Anne Arundel Community College. SU and FSU share a delegate, changing annually:

Athletics Committee
Designated Senator: Alexander Pope
Meredith Madden, HSS, 16-18, At-large
E. Lee May, NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative
Gerard DiBartolo, Athletic Director
Athletic Committee Bylaws

Graduate Council
Chair: Doug DeWitt
Vice Chair: Diana Wagner
Designated Senator: Christopher Vilmar
Richard Hoffman, MKTG/MGMT, 16-18, FULTON
Michele Bracken, NURS, 17-19, HENSON
Ignaciyas Soosaipillai, CADR, 16-18, PERDUE
Maida Finch, EDSP, 17-19, SEIDEL
Graduate Council Website

Summer Advisory Committee (SAC)
2017 Committee Membership:

Samuel Geleta, President Elect. 
Bart Talbert, FULTON
Randall Cone, HENSON
James Parrigin, LIBRARY
Tom Callo, PERDUE
Douglas DeWitt, SEIDEL

Faculty Senate SAC Resolution

General Education Review Steering Committee
Co-Chair: James King
Co-Chair: Melissa Boog
Maarten Pereboom (Fulton Dean), Michael Scott (Henson Interim Dean),
Christy Weer (Perdue Dean), Kelly Fiala (Seidel Interim Dean),
James Buss, Kara Siegert, Brian Stiegler
FULTON Faculty: Elizabeth Kauffman, Shawn McEntee
HENSON Faculty: Stephen Habay, Steven Hetzler
LIBRARY Faculty: James Parrigin
PERDUE Faculty: Kashi Khazeh, David Emerson, Hong Yao
SEIDEL Faculty: Randall Groth, Brandye Nobiling
General Education Review Website

* "At-large (for school)" indicates that the named school did not nominate one of its faculty
for a committee position, and so a member of the Faculty, possibly from a different school, was
elected at-large to fill that position for one year, as per the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article V, Section 2.

Please contact the Faculty Senate Webmaster,
with any questions, additions or corrections

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