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Committees of the Senate
and Faculty Representatives to Other Organizations

Academic Year 2011-2012

Committees of the Senate
(Most recent update: 9/30/11)

Committees Reporting to the Senate

Membership and Elections Committee

Chair:  Mark Walter

Designated Senator: Kurt Ludwick

Michelle Braken, NURS, 09-12, HENSON
Douglas DeWitt, EDSP, 10-13, SEIDEL
Mark Walter, PSYC, 11-14, FULTON

Membership and Elections Committee Procedures

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Chairs: Gene Williams, Edward Robeck

Designated Senator: Asif Shakur

Fotallah Salimian, INFO, 09-12, PERDUE
James Burton, COMM ARTS, 12-13, At-large
David Parker, MATH, 09-12, At-large
Eugene Williams, BIOL, 09-12, HENSON
Michael Folkhoff, HSS, 11-14, SEIDEL
Emily Story, HIST, 10-13, FULTON
Edward Robeck, ELED, 10-13, At-large
Katherine Miller, CHEM, 11-14, At-large

UCC Website: www.salisbury.edu/provost/ucc

Academic Policies Committee

Chair: Batya Hyman

Designated Senator: David Parker

Shekar Shetty, Economics & Finance, 09-12, PERDUE
Bayta Hyman, SOWK, 09-14, SEIDEL
Lucy Morrison, ENGL, 10-13, At-large
Chasta Parker, CHEM, 10-13, HENSON
Grace Clement, PHIL, 11-14, FULTON
Diana Wagner, EDSP, 11-14, At-large

Honors Program Committee

Chair: Marta Losonczy-Marshall
Designated Senator: Elizabeth Ragan

Joerg Tuske, PHIL, 09-12, FULTON
Elizabeth Emmert, BIOL, 09-12, HENSON
Scott Mazzetti, HSS, 11-14, SEIDEL
Krista Knapp, LIBR, 11-14, LIBRARY
Marta Losonczy-Marshall, PSYC, 12-13, At-Large for PERDUE

Library Committee

Chair: Jamie Emerson

Designated Senator: Leigh Ann DePope

Jamie Emerson, ECON, 09-12, PERDUE
Ross Leasure, ENGL, 10-13, FULTON
Stephen Habay, CHEM, 10-13, HENSON
Joyce Wiencek, EDSP, 11-14, SEIDEL
Leigh Ann DePope, 11-14, LIBRARY

Faculty Development Committee

Chair: Thomas Tomcho

Designated Senator: Kurt Ludwick

VACANT, 12-13, At-large
Michelle Schlehofer, PSYC, 12-13, At-large

Taehyun Nam, POSC, 09-12, At-large
Shekar Shetty, ECON, 12-15, At-large
Catherine Beise, INFO, 11-14,
Thomas Tomcho, PSYC, 11-14, At-large

Travel Grants Site

Teaching-Learning Conference: Call for Proposals

Committee on Promotions


Designated Senator: J. Craig Clarke

Paul Scovell, CMAT, 11-12, At-large
Ying Wu, ECON, 11-12, PERDUE
 David Rieck, CHEM, 10-13, HENSON
John Wenke, ENGL, 10-13, FULTON
Gail Welsh, PHYS, 10-13, At-large
Starlin Weaver, EDUC, 11-14, SEIDEL
Gregory Cashman,POSC, 09-12, At-large

Special Eligibility: Not eligible for promotion during service on this committee; must be tenured; department chairpersons may not serve.

Faculty Welfare Committee

Chair: Michael Folkoff

Designated Senator: Bart Talbert

Vicki Root, SOWK, 09-15, SEIDEL
Thomas Calo, MRKT, 09-12, PERDUE
Kathleen Shannon, MATH, 10-13, HENSON
Natalie Hopson, PSYC, 10-13, FULTON
Michael Folkoff, GEOG, 11-14, At-large
Bart Talbert, HIST, 11-14, At-large

Sabbatical Leave Form

Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee

Chair: Doug Marshall

Designated Senator: Adam Wood

Jody Morrison, CMAT ,09-12, At-large
Dean Kotlowski, History,09-12, At-large
Charles Cipolla, SOCI, 10-13, At-large
David Johnson, ENGL, 11-14, At-large
Doug Marshall, ACCT, 11-14 , At-large

Special Eligibility: Must be tenured.

Learning With Technology Committee

Chair: Lori DeWitt

Designated Senator: Thomas Anderson

Alex Aguilar, GEOG, 09-12, At-large
Floyd Erikson, BIOL, 09-12, HENSON
Meredith Patterson, PSYC, 10-13, At-large
Arvi Arunachalam, FINA, 10-13, PERDUE
Lori DeWitt, CMAT, 11-14, FULTON
Dean Ravizza, HSS, 11-14, SEIDEL
Moushumi Chakraborty, 11-14, LIBRARY

Committee Website

International Education Committee

Chair: Dean Ravizza

Designated Senator: Doug DeWitt

Oliver Roche, MKTG, 10-12, PERDUE
Dean Ravizza, HSS,  10-12, SEIDEL
Jeorg Tuske, PHIL, 10-12, FULTON
Dorothea McDowell, NURS, 10-12, HENSON
Dennis Leoutsakas
, CMAT, 11-13, At-large (for Perdue)*
Kristen Walton, HIST, 11-13, FULTON
Samuel Geleta, BIOL, 11-13, HENSON
Doug DeWitt, EDSP, 11-13, SEIDEL

Long Range Academic Planning Committee

Chair: Batya Hyman

Designated Senator: Elizabeth Ragan

VACANT, 11-12, At-large (for Perdue)*
Batya Hyman, SOWK, 10-12 SEIDEL
Miguel Mitchell, CHEM, 10-12, HENSON
Keith Brower, MDFL, 10-12, At-large
Elizabeth Curtin, ENGL, 11-13, FULTON

Faculty Awards & Recognition Committee

Chair: Victoria Hutchinson

Designated Senator: Danny Ervin

Deborah Webster, NURS, 09-12, HENSON
    Joyce Bell, SOWK, 09-12, At-large
Victoria Hutchinson, THEA, 11-14, FULTON
Stephen Adams, MGMT/MKTG, 11-14, PERDUE

Admissions and Readmissions Committee


Designated Senator: Vera Street

Meredith Patterson, Psychology,09-12, Fulton
Linda Cockey, MUSC, 09-12, Seidel
Wayne Ackerson, HIST, 10-13, At-large
Mohammad Moazzam, MATH, 10-13, At-large
Howard Dover, Marketing & Management, 11-14, Perdue
Veera Holdai, MATH,11 -14, Henson


Faculty Financial Affairs

Chair: Brian Hill

Designated Senator: Brian Hill

Mara Chen, GEOG, 09-14, HENSON
Joel Jenne, EDSP, 09-12, SEIDEL
Natalie Hopson, PSYC, 10-13, FULTON

Brian Hill, ECON, 10-13, PERDUE
Audrey Schadt, LIBR, 11-14, LIBRARY
VACANT, , 12-14, At-large

University Academic Assessment Committee


Designated Senator: Lance Garmon

Mou Chakraborty, LIBR, 09-12, LIBRARY
Avri Arunachala, ECON, 09-12, PERDUE

Larence Becker
, PSYC, 10-13, At-large
Nicole Munday
, ENGL, 10-13, FULTON
Kelly Fiala, HSS, 11-14, SEIDEL
Veera Holdai, MATH, 11-14, HENSON
VACANT, , 11-14, At-large

Honors Convocation Committee

Chair: Katherine Hinderer

Designated Senator: Gregory Ference

Celilia Acocella, PSYC, 09-12, At-large
Katherine Hinderer, NURS, 09-12, At-large
William Folger, MUSC, 10-13, At-large
Dennis Leoutsakas, CMAT, 10-13, At-large
Robert Luttrell, CHEM, 11-14, At-large
Gerado Vazquez, PHYS, 11-14, At-large


Special Committees of the Senate

These four committees are elected when needed as described in the Faculty Senate Bylaws

Faculty Hearing Committee

Faculty Retrenchment Committee

Retrenchment Appeals Committee

Faculty Mediation Committee

Other Committees Reporting to the Senate:

Council of University System Faculty

Paul Flexner, Art, 11-14, At-large
Micheal Scott
, GEOG, 12-14, At-large
David Parker, MATH, 10-13
, At-large
                            Roberta Adams, POSC, 11-14
, At-large

Maryland Higher Education Commission
Faculty Advisory Committee

Special Eligibility: SU alternates with FSU for this position.

, At-large

Athletics Committee

Designated Senator: Thomas Anderson

Paul Scovell, CMAT, 12-14, At-large
Ron Siers, EDSP, 11-13, At-large

Athletic Committee Bylaws

Graduate Council

Chair: Vicki Root

Designated Senator: John Kalb

Joaquin Vila, ENGL, 12-13, FULTON
John Lamanca, HSS, 11-13, SEIDEL
Asif Shakur, PHYS, 11-13, HENSON
Wayne Decker,  MGMT/MKTG, 11-13, PERDUE

* "At-large (for school)" indicates that the named school did not nominate one of its faculty for a committee position, and so a member of the Faculty - possibly from a different school - was elected at-large to fill that position for one year, as per the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article V, Section 2.

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