Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
Holloway Hall

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Keethaponcalan, Soosaipillai, I.
Chair, CADR - Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution
HH 106, 410-543-6435 or ext 36435

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2015 Spring CADR 301-001 LEC INTL CONFLICT & RESOLUTION Focuses on the variety of root sources of conflict between nation states. Underscores the early detection and successful prevention of large-scale acts of aggression and violence between nation states. Case studies will be employed to understand and explain these international disputes. Some key players in these conflicts will serve as resource persons for class. Three hours per week with enhancement. 
2015 Spring CADR 303-001 LEC STUDIES IN CON ANLYS & DIS RES Selected areas of study within varied subfields of conflict analysis and dispute resolution. Course may be taken three times under different subtitles. Three hours per week with enhancement. Meets General Education IIIB or IIIC (Prior to Fall 2008: IIB). 
2015 Fall CADR 510-151 LEC PRB SOLV, NEG & CONFL RES Explores basic negotiation and problem-solving theory and practice from basic two-party, one-issue disputes to more complex cases requiring additional intervention skills. Familiarizes students with the negotiation process, provides experience with conflict analysis and assessment; examines issues of effective data gathering, identification of stakeholders, and getting people to the negotiation table; and reviews the process of assessment as it relates to selecting appropriate conflict resolution practices. Three hours per week. 
2015 Fall CADR 600-151 LEC GRP PROCESS & COMPLX CONFL Explores the complexities of large group interventions including organizational, intergroup and international work. Topics include large group consensus processes, multi-party arbitration, negotiated rulemaking, external dynamics, engaging multiple levels of government and community, working internationally, and dealing with the media. Prerequisites: CADR 500 and CADR 510. Three hours per week. 

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