Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
Holloway Hall

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Polkinghorn, Brian
Faculty, Center for Conflict Resolution
RC 100, 410-219-2873

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2015 Spring CADR 520-151 LEC STRUC & SYSTM CONFL & DISP SYS Examines the hidden sources of conflicts that are often embedded in social, legal, political and organizational structures and systems. Emphasizes rules, regulations, roles, contractual obligations, laws, informal agreements and other ties that bind people together to create conflict among individuals and groups. Examines organizations, institutions or governments for root causes of conflict. Three hours per week. 
2015 Spring CADR 650-001 THE RESEARCH THESIS PROJECT A seminar that assists with the thesis process which leads to a project of publishable quality. Opportunities for peer review and establishing incremental goals are available in this course. Students wishing to conduct a thesis must make this known in their first year of study and must complete and publicly present their thesis prior to the end of their final semester. Prerequisite: CADR 550 and permission of instructor. Three hours per week. 
2015 Fall CADR 301-001 LEC INTL CONFLICT & RESOLUTION Focuses on the variety of root sources of conflict between nation states. Underscores the early detection and successful prevention of large-scale acts of aggression and violence between nation states. Case studies will be employed to understand and explain these international disputes. Some key players in these conflicts will serve as resource persons for class. Three hours per week with enhancement. 
2015 Fall CADR 530-151 LEC MEDIATION THEORY & PRACT Engages students in the major debates and nuances of practice in the field, specifically focusing on the interpersonal level of intervention. Distinctions will be made concerning various mediation styles and various schools of thought on how and when to intervene in a case. Students will create models of practice from a wide range of process skills and approaches and will apply process and analytical knowledge to cases possessing various levels of complexity. Prerequisite: CADR 510. Three hours per week. 

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