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Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
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CADR Minor

The Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution (CADR) minor is an interdisciplinary program. The minor involves the completion of 5 courses. Students enrolled in this program will complete a minimum of 3 CADR courses. Individual directed-study courses for various major may be utilized with the approval of the minor advisor. For more information, contact the Center for Conflict Resolution.

Why Minor in CADR?

Students have also found that CADR makes an excellent minor to supplement their skills in other disciplines.  Ultimately, CADR students develop strong analytical and practical skills to better understand and respond to conflict dynamics at all levels of human interaction.  Developing skills to better deal with conflict and to understand the dynamics involved will be useful no matter what profession you find yourself in.

We have found that CADR compliments the following areas of study as a minor: Business Administration, Communication Arts, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Environmental Health, Environmental Issues, History, Information Systems, International Studies, Management, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

For more information on the Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution Minor contact the Center for Conflict Resolution at (410) 219-2873 or by email at:

Download Current CADR Minor checklist

You can pick up a hard copy by visiting us at the Center, we are located on the corner or Camden Ave. and College Ave. (1100 Camden Ave.)

Core Requirement

GROUP I:  Complete the Foundations Course:

CADR 200 Foundations of Conflict and Conflict Resolution 4

Elective Requirements

GROUP II:  Complete 2 courses of upper level CADR electives (300-400 level):

CADR 300 Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution 4
CADR 301 International Conflict and Conflict Resolution 4
CADR 302 Cross-Cultural Conflict Analysis and Intervention 4
CADR 303 Studies in Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution 4
CADR 400 Practicum and Internship 4
CADR 401 Dispute Systems Design 4
CADR 403 Resolving Environmental Conflict 4
CADR 404 Negotiation & Conflict in Business Management 4
CADR 405 Special Topics 4

GROUP III:  Complete 2 courses of general electives:

CADR/SOCI 225 Sociology of Conflict and Nonviolence 4
CMAT 300 Intercultural Communications 4
CMAT 307 Interpersonal Conflict 4
CMAT 310 Small Group Discussion 4
CMAT 316 Argument and Debate 4
HIST 225 The Holocaust: Extermination of the European Jews 4
HIST 308 Sectional Conflict and Civil War 4
HIST 376 Violence and Non-violence in America 4
HIST 389 U.S. Environmental History 4
PHIL 301 Violence and Nonviolence 4
POSC 213 War and Peace in the Middle East 4
POSC 370 Democracy 4
POSC 409 Causes of War 4
POSC 450 Civil Rights and Liberties 4
SOCI 201 Social Problems 4
SOCI 319 Social Change and Social Planning 4
SOCI 320 Social Movements 4
SOCI 390 Sociology of the Environment 4
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