Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
Holloway Hall

Course Sequence

This course sequence assumes student is enrolled in program on a full-time basis.

Semester 1 – Fall Term

  CADR 500 Introduction to CADR 3
  CADR 510 Problem Solving, Negotiation and Conflict 3
  CADR 530 Mediation Theory and Practice 3

Semester 2 – Spring Term

  CADR 520 Structural and Systemic Conflict and DSD 3
  CADR 540 Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution 3
  CADR 550  Research Methods 3

Semester 3 – Fall Term

  CADR 600 Group Processes and Complex Conflicts 3
  CADR 610 Workshops, Training and Conflict Coaching 3
  *CADR 620 Special Topics I 3
  *CADR 640 Field Practicum I 3

 *Students may choose between CADR 620: Special Topics I or they may elect to do a field practicum

 Semester 4 – Spring Term 

  CADR 630 Studies in CADR 3
  **CADR 640 Field Practicum I 3
  **CADR 641 Field Practicum II 3
  ***CADR 650 Research Thesis Project 3
  ***CADR 651 Professional Development Project 3

 **All students must take at least one semester of Field Practicum.  In semester 4, students who did not elect to take Field Practicum I in their third semester must take Field Practicum I; students wishing to have two semesters of field practicum and who took CADR 640: Field Practicum I in semester three will take CADR 641: Field Practicum II in semester four.

 ***In the forth semester students must choose to complete either a thesis or a professional development project in their selected area of specialization.  Theses and professional development projects will be approved and closely supervised by program faculty.