Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
Holloway Hall

What Alumni Are Doing

Below is a sample of some of the exciting things our alumni are doing:

“In July of 2014 I started work as an Associate Ombudsman at the National Institutes of Health’s Office of the Ombudsman, Center for Cooperative Resolution. As an Associate Ombudsman, I work with members of the NIH community to identify and resolve both individual and organizational conflicts in an independent, informal, confidential and neutral way. Our team of Ombudsmen (Seven + a Program Support Assistant) use our knowledge of conflict theory and organizational dynamics to identify the underlying causes of disputes and provide visitors with tools for resolving their issues. To resolve sensitive issues, we employ conflict resolution practices such as mediation, group facilitation, peer panels, coaching, and shuttle diplomacy. We also provide training and work to identify systemic conflicts, bringing to management’s attention those practices, norms, policies, and aspects of NIH culture that appear to exacerbate tensions or create problems for fellows, scientists and administrative staff.” (Tyler Smith, M.A. 2014)

* * *

Leigh Culver

"I am currently working as an Intelligence Analyst with the US Government. I've gotten to assist with the Presidential Inauguration Command Post as well as provide case support for the Boston Bombings. As for conflict resolution, I am starting with the Department of Justice's Shared Neutrals program shortly and also just started with Anne Arundel County's Community Mediation Center." (Leigh Culver, M.A. 2012).

* * *

Jean Rutabanzibwa-Ngaiza

"Since graduation, Justinian and I have been working on a project very close to our hearts - building a health clinic in Justinian's home area/village in Tanzania. The aim is to provide easily accessible, good quality affordable basic health care to local residents and those from neighboring villages. The project has components and, I'm happy to report, one of them will focus exclusively on the management and resolution of conflict-related issues! We are in the process of designing a system that will encompass matters pertaining to the clinic and its operation (i.e. staff issues, patient/staff interactions and quality of care) as well as community-related issues that may affect clinic operations. We plan to have 'stakeholder' input into the design of this component (and others) later in the year when I travel to Tanzania.

"The ongoing clinic construction actually began in May 2012, and is the first project of a health NGO we set up, also last year, called Emerging Health Initiatives (EHI). We are currently awaiting clearance from the IRS to operate EHI as a non- profit agency. A website is being put together and the link will be available soon. We anticipate the clinic will begin operating in August 2014" (Jean Rutabanzibwa-Ngaiza, M.A. 2012).

* * *

Terri Lomax, M.A. 2013

"I’m excited to share with you that I have accepted a full-time position as a Residence Director at St. John’s University in Queens, NY. The primary focus of the position is on developing students through large scale programming, judicial interventions and student outreach."

"In addition, I'm expanding my blog, Mocha Girls Pit Stop and my motivational speaking brand. I provide keynotes and workshops on conflict resolution, boosting self-esteem and overcoming adversity. Feel free to visit for self-esteem boosters and success stories from young women who've overcome unspeakable obstacles." (Terri Lomax, M.A. 2013)

* * *

Julia Glanz

"On July 1 I began working with the labor union AFSCME Maryland (American Federation for State, County and Municipal Employees). I am the Staff Representative for the Eastern Shore. I take members through the appeal and grievance process, recruit new members, work on issue campaigns, help improve working conditions, and do negotiating for contracts" (Julia Glanz, M.A. 2013).

* * *