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Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution

"One Person Can Make a Difference" Lecture Series

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Since 2001 the Center for Conflict Resolution has hosted the “One Person Can Make a Difference” lecture series. It provides the campus and Salisbury community with a unique opportunity to spend an evening with individuals who have walked off the pages of world history.  Each person in the lecture series provides a first person account of some of the most inspiring stories of our age, focuses our attention on the power of creative problem solving, non-violent action and power of the spoken word.

Click on the speaker's names for short bio,
following the name of the lecture is a link to the speaker's lecture poster (.PDF)

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Past Speakers:

Arun Gandhi: "Nonviolence in the Age of Terrorism"
  • Conflict Resolution Scholar-in-Residence
  • Founder M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
  • Grandson of Mohandas "Matatma" Gandhi

President Frederik Willem de Klerk: "Leadership and Making a Difference"
    F.W. de Klerk lecture poster (pdf)
  • Nobel Laureate (1993) co-recipient with Nelson Mandela for their efforts in ending Apartheid
  • 10th State President of South Africa (1989-1994)
  • Leader of the National Party (1989-1997)
  • Vice-president in the government of national unity under Nelson Mandela (1994-1996)

Ibrahim Agboola Gambari: "Promoting Peace Amidst Demanding Conflicts"
    Gambari lecture poster (pdf)
  • Under-Secretary-General/Special Adviser on Africa
  • Nigeria's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations
  • Founder of the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (Abuja, Nigeria)
  • Chaired the UN Special Committee on PeaceKeeping Operations (1990-1999) 

Robert Bell: "Justice and Social Change"
    Bell lecture poster (pdf)
  • Chief Judge Maryland Court of Appeals
  • Head of the Maryland Judiciary
  • Chair of the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office
  • Chair Maryland Judicial Conference 

Lech Walesa: "Democracy: The Never Ending Battle"
    Walesa lecture poster (pdf)
  • Walesa SU Article (pdf)
  • Nobel Laureate (1983)
  • Trade Union Activist and Leader (Solidaritet)
  • Former President of the Republic of Poland
  • Time Magazine Man of the Year 

Dr. Helen Caldicott: "The New Nuclear Danger"
    Caldicott lecture poster (pdf)

Dr. Fariyal Ross-Sheriff: "The Role of Women in Exile and Repatriation"
    Ross-Sheriff lecture poster (pdf)
  • Director of Social Work PhD Program Howard University
  • Editor of the Journal of Women and Social Work (Sage Publications) 

Michael Hovey: "Canaries in the Coal Mine: The Role of Peace Advocates 
                           When War Approaches"

    Hovey lecture poster (pdf)

Arun Gandhi: "Non-Violence or Non-Existence Options for the 21st Century"
    Gandhi lecture poster (pdf)
  • Conflict Resolution Scholar-in-Residence
  • Founder M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
  • Grandson of Mohandas "Matatma" Gandhi

Giandomenico Picco: "Crossing the Divide: Dialogue Among Civilizations"
    Picco lecture poster (pdf)
  • Under Secretary General of the United Nations
  • CEO of GDP Associates
  • President of Non Governmental Peace Strategies Project 

Ambassador John W. McDonald: "Ethnic Conflict in Today's World"
    McDonald lecture poster (pdf)
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