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Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution
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The Conflict Resolution Club

The Conflict Resolution Club (CRC) officially began in Fall 2001 and is the official student group for the Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution major. The CRC is open to any Salisbury University student regardless of major. The CRC has a number of academic and practical purposes:

  • To educate students as to the benefits and importance of Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution, as well as exposing them to the various ideologies and practices within the field
  • To raise funds for various CONFLICT ANALYSIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION activities, events, and organizations
  • To keep everyone informed of practicum, employment and career opportunities
  • To raise campus awareness of the campus mediation center

The CRC is currently involved in a variety of projects, including but not limited to: the Wicomico Mentoring Project, running the Peer Mediation Program through the Campus Mediation Center, sponsoring guest lecturers in the “One Person Can Make A Difference” lecture series, and on campus related events such as Relay for Life, Homecoming, and Multicultural Festival.

The CRC is dedicated to making an impact on the local community and service to others. The Office of Student Activities, Organizations and Leadership recognized the CRC for having an outstanding community service program for the 2002-2003 academic school year. Members continue to participate in these activities and they are constantly finding new opportunities to serve others and help the community.

The members of the CRC have also helped to organize and run the “National Conference on Current trends in Conflict Resolution in Higher Education” (2003) and the Evaluation Summit (2001).

Club Meeting Times

At the beginning of each semester times are agreed upon for Club meetings. Meetings usually occur once every two weeks at the Center. It is at the first meeting that many of the semester events are discussed and so early attendance and participation is essential for the success of the club’s mission.

Typical topics covered in club meetings:

The first Club President stated, “we are a fairly new club and although we've gotten off to a good start, there is still plenty of room for improvement. If there is anything regarding the club that you feel we should improve or add, please send us your thoughts!” That is a lasting statement that has been upheld and it is up to the next set of student leaders to plan and conduct the programs the Club undertakes in the same mindset.

This page is dedicated to generating new ideas on what this club should do and where it should be going, so please take this chance to have some input and make an impact.

Information in the Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Major




If you have taken courses in Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Business, Communication, English, Education, or Psychology you may have already completed some of the courses that would count towards a CONFLICT ANALYSIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION Major or Minor. (For a complete list of the requirements for the major or minor click go to the Education section of the web page or visit the Center for Conflict Resolution, 1100 Camden Avenue across from Holloway Hall. It is located on the corner of West College Ave and Camden Ave.


It is multi-disciplinary program that easily allows for a double major program of study. All courses are offered in a two year cycle so even if you are already a junior, you could still build a CONFLICT ANALYSIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION major or minor into your curriculum. Although CONFLICT ANALYSIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION is a relatively new field for undergraduate college degrees it is rapidly gaining support, recognition, and respect in all areas of the world and nation. Since 9/11 interest in conflict resolution programs has increased. It is a good opportunity to make your resume stand out because it teaches you the knowledge and skills you will need to deal effectively with people in conflict in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Employment Opportunities with this Degree:

CONFLICT ANALYSIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION is applicable to many areas of professional life, such as politics, teaching, overseas Ngo work, human resources, business management, law enforcement, mediation, law and just about any occupation where one has to work with people. From our perspective as students searching for work this is a field with growing demand, which means that is it becoming an increasingly beneficial asset in the highly competitive job market. Basically, any field that involves people will benefit from a degree or training in CONFLICT ANALYSIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION!

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