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Maryland General Assembly Updates 2018

The 2018 Legislative Session begins January 10th and runs through April 9th.  Below are the links to some of the pertinent information regarding the session.  However, to obtain full details, please visit the General Assembly of Maryland.

Salisbury University typically presents a testimony every other year.  Salisbury University is scheduled for higher education briefings on Thursday, 2/15/18 at 1pm in the House and Monday, 2/19/18 at 1pm in the Senate.

The Legislative Sessions are public and can be viewed on the following links and on the General Assembly Website.  USM will present testimony on February 7th in the House and February 12th in the Senate.

For those who would like to understand the State budget process, visit the Citizen’s Guide to the Budget webpage for some helpful information.

The FY2019 Proposed Budget Books for the State of Maryland have been published, and can be viewed using the links below.

Senate and House Bills that affect Higher Education are sent to each institution to make a response to the fiscal and operational impact that would occur if the Bill were to pass.  The Bills that have been sent to us thus far are listed below.

The Legislative Sessions are public and can be viewed on the following links and on the General Assembly Website.  USM will present testimony on February 7th in the House and February 12th in the Senate.

Senate Bills

SB0026 State Agency Loan Program and Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program – 2 Merger 3
SB0085 Tuition Waivers--Foster Care Recipients--Eligibility
SB0104 Privileged Communication-Critical Incident Stress Management Services
SB0129 Baltimore County--Polling Places on Campuses
SB0135 Paid Leave Compromise Act of 2018
SB0139 Heroin and Opiod Addiction and Prevention
SB0203 Agriculture – Nutrient Management – Fertilizer Use on Turf
SB0235 Labor and Employment - Minimum Wage - Indexing
SB0251 Minority Business Enterprises – Required Regulations – Liquidated Damages 2 Prohibition 3
SB0252 Historically Black Institutions – State Funding – Blount–Rawlings–Britt HBI 2 Comparability Program
SB0281 Maryland Cybersecurity Council - Membership - Revisions
SB0287 State Funds - Procurement of Services From Internet Service Providers - Restriction
SB0300 Achieving Computer Science Collaborations for Employing Students Statewide (ACCESS) Act of 2018
SB0309 Health - Reporting of Overdose Information
SB0317 Higher Education Degree and Job Certification Without Debt Act of 2018
SB0368 Labor and Employment - State Minimum Wage Rate - Increase
SB0377 Labor and Employment - Pay Scales and Wage History Information
SB0392 Maryland Department of Health - Biosafety Level 3 Laboratories
SB0477 Public Information Act - Required Denials - Physical Addresses, E-Mail Addresses, and Telephone Numbers
SB0479 High School Credit for College Courses Act of 2018
SB0525 Public Institutions of Higher Education - Discriminatory Harassment
SB0546 Higher Education - Tuition Rates - Exemptions
SB0553 State Government - Security Training - Protection of Security-Sensitive Data
SB0663 Sales and Use Tax - Tax-Free Periods - University and College Textbooks
SB0664 Education - Foreign Language Requirement - Computer Programming Language Courses
SB0677 State Personnel - Collective Bargaining - Exclusive Representative Access to New Employee Orientation

House Bills

HB0112 Procurement – Responsible Bidders – Petition by Member of General Assembly
HB0138 Assembly Areas – State–Funded Construction or Renovation – Assistive 2 Listening System Requirement
HB0167 State Government – Notices and Communications – Use of Electronic Means
HB0199 Higher Education – Collective Bargaining – Graduate Assistants 2 (Graduate Assistant Collective Bargaining Fairness Act)
HB0277 Criminal Law – Alcohol Offenses and Gaming – Civil Offenses 2 (Decriminalization of Petty Nonviolent Offenses Act)
HB0281 Education – Computer Science – Curriculum and Professional Development 2 (Securing the Future: Computer Science Education for All)
HB0306 State Personnel - Rights and Protections for Nursing Mothers
HB0335 State Personnel - Grievance Procedures - Exclusive Representatives
HB0368 Institutions of Higher Education - Hazing - Required Reporting and Education
HB0420 Higher Education - Financial Aid - In-State Students (The Jill Wrigley Memorial Scholarship Expansion Act)
HB0447 Pretrial Services Program Grant Fund – Establishment
HB0451 State Personnel - Collective Bargaining - State Institutions of Higher Education
HB0495 Law Enforcement Officers - Body-Worn Cameras - Offense
HB0511 Public Institutions of Higher Education – Hate–Bias Incident Prevention
HB0527 Higher Education - Maryland Technology Internship Program - Alterations
HB0538 Environment - Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Products - Prohibition
HB0598 Vehicle Laws - Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicles - Reserved Parking Spaces
HB0603 Public Senior Higher Education Institutions - Disciplinary Proceedings - Students and Student Organizations
HB0624 Public Institutions of Higher Education - Family Members of Killed or Disabled First Responders - Tuition Exemption
HB0663 Higher Education - Academic Forgiveness Policy - Established
HB0664 Labor and Employment - Payment of the Minimum Wage Required (Fight for Fifteen)
HB0713 Higher Education - Transfer Student Education Records - Requirements
HB0732 Humane Adoption of Companion Animals Used in Research Act of 2018
HB0775 State Employees - Parental Leave

The Budget office will continue to update this webpage to provide up to date information regarding the Legislative Session.

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