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Biology Careers

Since graduating in May 2016, I have started working as a Research Associate at ConverGene, a small company with a lab in Cambridge. We are involved in cancer research.

After graduation I accepted a commission in the Army and retired as a Colonel in Military Intelligence in 2009. Along the way, I earned a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and a Master of Strategic Studies. My Wife graduated from SU with a BS in Nursing and our daughter will be visiting Salisbury University this summer as she decides where she'd like to attend college.

Since graduating I went on to get my master's degree in education. I taught 7th grade science for 7 years then became a science coach for 2 years. Currently I am a mobile science teacher. I travel to different schools within my county and get to do labs with students in grades K-8. I bring in equipment and resources students may not otherwise get to use which makes them feel like real scientists.

After brief employment at Intervet in Millsboro DE, I moved to Baltimore and worked for two years at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Department of Physiology. While there, I obtained a Masters in Environmental Science from JHU. From 1998-2007, I worked at the Institute of Human Virology on an environmental project. While there, I had a unique collaboration and obtained a PhD in Aquatic Ecology at the University of Kalmar in Sweden (2008). From 2007-2011, I worked at the Center of Marine Biotechnology. In 2012, I moved to California to begin a post-doctoral fellowship at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

I am now a proud employee of The Laboratory of Molecular Technology, SAIC-Frederick, Frederick National Lab, a contractor of NCI/NIH. I am so glad to finally be putting all my knowledge and experience to good use. I hopefully will be getting my own project soon on developing a gene expression platform to be used for pharamacogenetics, which will ultimately be helpful to create personalized drugs that would increase individual response rates.

During my years at SU I worked for the USFWS at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge doing mostly invasive species work. After graduating I went to work for USDA Wildlife Services in Annapolis. At Wildlife Services I worked mostly with the public solving wildlife-human conflicts (overpopulated deer, resident geese, vulture roosts, etc.) After three years with USDA I accepted a permanent position with the MD Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Heritage Service as a Wildlife Response Technician responding to wildlife emergencies and working with landowners, primarily farmers, solve wildlife damage issues in Kent and Queen Annes counties.

I finished medical school at UMDNJ-SOM in 2010. From there I did my internship at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. I am currently an anesthesia resident at Penn State Hershey, about to finish my PGY-3 year.

I have worked in a cancer research lab for 4 years in Baltimore, then switched over to work in IT in the Public Health field.

After graduation I accepted a commission in the Army and retired as a Colonel in Military Intelligence in 2009. Along the way, I earned a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and a Master of Strategic Studies. My Wife graduated from SU in 1984 with a BS in Nursing and our daughter will be visiting Salisbury University this summer as she decides where she'd like to attend college.

Graduated from University of South Florida with my M.A.T. in Science Education and certified to teach Biology in grades 6-12. Due to a teacher hiring freeze, got hired back as a 911 Dispatcher and now a Ed.D. student in Higher Education and Adult Learning via Walden University. Should be graduating Jan 2013.

After graduation in 1981 I went to grad school for a few years and then started working in the Microbiology Lab at Bristol Myers in Syracuse NY in 1983. We moved to Connecticut in 1986. I moved into Clinical Research in the infectious disease group in '87 and left for GlaxoSmithkline (Glaxo) in 1994. I am now Director of Respiratory clinical Research and study the effect of asthma and COPD medications.

I worked in Madison, WI as a Patent Agent (2008). I am now back on the east coast and working in the Technology Transfer department at The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. I have been here for nearly two years and this has been by far the most rewarding experience, as our department patents and commercializes inventions coming out of the DoD research university, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. I am also pursuing a M.S. degree at Johns Hopkins University in Biotechnology.

After leaving, then SSU, I worked 8 years in a biological science lab for the USDA. There I helped to support research in parasitology working primarily with large farm animals that entered the retail food market, and help train packing plant employees to ensure an export of horse meat to the EU. I received my M.S. in Environmental Management in '05 and my M.A.T. in Teaching in '07. I have been working in a high needs Baltimore County school since receiving my M.A.T as a middle school science teacher. I credit some of my awesome SSU Biology teachers for enhancing my passion for the sciences. I especially credit Dr. Chris Briand, who was such a positive influence during my time at SSU.

Soon after graduation, spend 12 years in U.S.A.F. as a firefighter and 911 Dispatcher. After separating, was hired as a Dispatcher for a military base fire department. During those 5 years, I worked on and finally graduated with my M.A.T. in Science Education from the University of South Florida in 2010. Due to teacher cut backs, decided and became a student in Ed.D. program in Higher Education and Adult Learning via Walden University.

I have a job with Verizon as a sales consultant. Not really in the science field but they are paying for me to go to graduate school online and I'm getting some sales experience under my belt before I try to go into the competitive field of pharmaceutical sales (and back into the field of science where my interests are).

I went to New York Chiropractic College graduated in 2009. I am now a doctor of chiropractic and just opened up my own practice last month in Salisbury!

After graduating from Salisbury University, I continued on to graduate school and I am currently working toward my Masters of Science in Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University.

I have been working for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as a Public Health Laboratory Scientist in Baltimore. They have entry level positions with great benefits and many holidays. I highly recommend looking here after graduation, go to under state jobs for more information.

I am currently an Emergent Infectious Disease Fellow with the Association of Public Health Labs and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I am working at the State Hygienic Lab at the University of Iowa. I am doing training rotations through virology, food-borne disease, environmental monitoring and serology.

After graduation, I worked for the Florida Marine Research Institute in St. Petersburg, FL before returning to Maryland in 2000 to teach high school science in Columbia. In 2003 I left to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree with concentrations in Environmental Policy and Coastal Town Management at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. It is a great school in a wonderful location and I urge SU grads to look at it if they are interested in continuing their education. They also have a great Marine Science program. After graduating in 2005, I was accepted into the PhD program in the school of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University. My dissertation targets coastal watershed restoration and management using the National Estuary Program sites in Tampa and Sarasota, FL. I plan to finish and graduate this fall.

After graduating from SSU in 1998, I completed a Ph.D. from the Temple University Department of Pharmacology. I studied G protein-coupled receptor signaling events that occur during platelet activation. My post-doctoral research was done at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. I focused on RNAi techniques to decipher G protein signaling events in cancer. In the last year, I became a Pharmacologist in the Oncology division of the Food and Drug Administration. I evaluate in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and toxicology data that are required of pharmaceuticals as they progress from first-in-man trials through final drug approval. These non-clinical data identify drug-related toxicities in target organs, identify a safe starting dose in initial clinical trial, and determine proper monitoring in the trials.

I am a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the department of Microbiology. I work in a bioinformatics lab with a focus on viral evolution. I am also a co-chair for UAB's Industry Roundtable, it's a student organization, and we try to teach other students about "alternative" scientific careers (not trying to get tenure in academia). I hike often, I live with several fish (including GloFish!), 2 lizards, a snake, and my husband.

After graduation, I conducted a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. During that time, I submitted my medical school applications and went on interviews. Now, I am a medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine, class of 2013. I am proud to be an alumnus of Salisbury University. It has prepared me well for my endeavor to become a physician!

I've moved to NJ and currently work as a Research Biochemist at Merck (Rahway, NJ). I work in the Clinical Development Laboratory, and our main focus is the development and validation of esoteric assays to measure pharmacodynamic biomarkers for clinical trials (phase 1 and 2a).

After graduating SU in 2002, I worked for Johns Hopkins Dept of Pathology at the medical campus in Baltimore before moving on to a career with Merck.

My experience at SU, including my independent research with Dr. Kim Hunter (crab genetics), has prepared me well for a career in science/biotech. I still support the SU soccer team and try to make it back to Salisbury for the annual alumni game and tour the campus to see if I can find any faculty hanging around. I must say that I am a bit jealous of the new science facilities since I've graduated.

I have begun working at the Medical Biotechnology Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore as a research assistant for neurodegenerative diseases. We study the role of protein misfolding, and the critical role of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in neurodegenerative disease. I am also practicing RNAi in C. elegans, and glutathione S-transferase techniques, among others.

After graduating from SU in 2007, I did a one year post-bac at the National Cancer Institute looking at meiotic recombination in Dr. Michael Lichten's lab. I have recently finished my 1st year as a PhD student at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and I am working on my dissertation in the Pharmacology department under Dr. Sean Taverna focusing on post-translational modifications of histones in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

I am currently teaching. Dr. Grogan always knew that I loved to talk. I graduated from SSU with a degree in Biology in 1999. I then returned to SU for the accelerated second degree program in Nursing.

I have been teaching high school biology, anatomy and biotechnology for the past 8 years. Prior to that, I worked as a lab technician and an outdoor educator.

After spending a year working with Dr. Emmert and Bdellovibrio I decided I wanted to go into research. I have since graduated from VA Tech with my Masters in Microbiology. While there, I decided I liked teaching better than research, so I will be finished with my Masters of Arts in Teaching in Spring 2009 from SU.

Less than one month after my graduation I was recruited by Charles River Laboratories, one of the prominent leaders in animal research, to work as a CRT (Corporate Response Team) member. As a CRT, I have the opportunity to become licensed as a LAT (Laboratory Animal Technician), which I will do very shortly, and also have the opportunity to travel across then nation. I am based in Germantown Maryland and am greatly looking forward to finally getting into some research (see Dr. Williams, I told you I'd work on it!). PS- Put your resume on,, or any other resume site; that is how they found me and I highly recommend it to everyone!

I am currently working for HydroGeoLogic, Inc. as a contractor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I also work part time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore in their Education Department.

I am currently working in a law firm in Madison, WI as a Biotech Patent Agent.

After leaving SSU I spent some time at Georgetown University where I received a Masters in Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After that, I continued my training and education while employed at the NIH/NIDCR. All of the while the forces of the evil dark side of science (you know, INDUSTRY!) began to pull me in. Finally, a few years ago I left NIH to work at a wonderful biotechnology/diagnostics company in Gaithersburg, MD. It has been a great ride that started in a little lab in Devilbiss hall working with some crazy pink-pigmented bacteria. What a long, strange trip its been!

University of Delaware for a Masters in Entomology and Applied Ecology; and off to Rutgers University (NJ) for a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution.

I am working for the American Red Cross in the Biomedical Division as a Program Manager.

I am employed as the Deputy Associate Director for Science at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Currently I am working for SAIC Inc. as the Navy National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) Program Manager.

I work at Assateague Island National Seashore as an Estuarine Ecologist.

I recently got a job in the FBI's DNA crime lab in Quantico.

After attending Dr. Frana's class on Virology I knew I was hooked on infectious diseases. I spent 10 years working in a BSL-3 HIV lab conducting viral reduction studies for a major Pharma company. I since have moved over into the area of Biological Safety as a Biosafety Officer overseeing Biosafety & security.

I am currently attending University of Maryland - School of Medicine.

I work for Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region as the Director of After School Programs (a non-profit providing hands-on education in environmental science and cultural arts to at risk youth in Washington DC).

I spent 5 1/2 years working in biomedical research at the NIH. I then transitioned into administration and outreach in a position where I recruited high school, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows, and I also maintained our institute's website. I am now pursuing a different career path and am working towards a Master of Forensic Sciences degree with a concentration in High Tech Crime Investigation. Working on my Ph.D in biochemistry.

I received my Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins in December 2006. I am currently working at Maryland Environmental Service (with some other SSU grads!) as an Environmental Specialist.

Science Laboratory Assistant for Chesapeake College. I went on to get a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University in Environmental Science and Policy. I work at an engineering consulting firm, KCI Technologies, Inc., in the environmental planning department. I work on NEPA documents for various transportation and other projects.

I'm in my first year of medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Bratenton Fl. So basically I study :) But I am for sure enjoying myself!

I am working for a pharmaceutical company called Merial Select, Inc. I do Quality Control testing for avian vaccines. Also, I am studying to take my GRE's and hopefully attend UGA to get my masters in Genetics and work my way to a PhD. Eventually I'd like to teach Genetics to college students.

I am a pediatric and adult genetic counselor at the University of Maryland Baltimore. Currently I am working on obtaining my Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Maryland - Baltimore County. I will hopefully be graduating in May 2007...and then who knows!

I am currently working in the emergency department at Monmouth Medical Center as a Medical Technician. I enjoy my job tremendously. I work hands on with every patient that comes into the ED. I feel in my element with the pace and the nature of the job. I was a biology major and chem minor and have found that I really need to continue my education to find a career position in my field. I hope to start an accelerated nursing program in the fall. It is a twelve month program. After this I plan to work at an ER nurse and possibly continue my education in physician's assistant programs or nurse practitioner.

Forensic Chemist-Anne Arundel County Police Department

Working at University of Maryland, Baltimore working with a research team on Lung and Prostate Cancer. Also teaching Anatomy and Physiology at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD.

I am currently a seasonal Biological Science Technician for the Resource Division of the National Park Service. I have worked at Assateague Island doing vegetation, avian and GIS work, but more recently have been working for Exotic Plant Management Teams (EPMT) in the west, including Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Glacier National Park. I recently accepted a job as the EPMT Crew Leader for Yellowstone National Park next season. I find this work to be challenging, yet rewarding and would encourage ecology-minded students to get involved with this type of work.

After graduation I began working at Northwest High School in Montgomery County, MD where I still teach. I currently teach 9th grade physical science and 11th grade chemistry. I recently earned my Masters in Education and certification in Biology & Chemistry. I have been teaching Biology and Chemistry at South River High School in Edgewater, Maryland, and working on my masters in evolution biology and education.

I am working as an optometrist for the U.S. Navy. Currently I am stationed at the submarine base in Groton, Connecticut.

Following graduation I worked for a year at the Wildlife Habitat Council in Silver Springs and then got picked up by US Fish and Wildlife Service Blackwater Refuge/Chesapeake Marshland Complex as a Park Ranger and Wildland Fire Fighter for four years. I spent one more year working at Patuxent Research Refuge as a Refuge Operations Specialist and then put in my papers to join the US Air Force which is what I have been doing for the past four years.

I spent one year working for the Wildlife Habitat Council in Silver Springs and then landed a job at the Wildfowl Trust of North America in Grasonville as an educator and worked my way up to site administrator. After five years at the Trust I followed Jennifer to assignments in FL and TX where I worked for a variety of researchers doing everything from fisheries biology surveys with FL Fish and Wildlife Service to waterfowl surveys with the University of Nevada in Northern California. I am currently working on a MS in Biology with an emphasis on education.

Currently working as a Natural Resources Planner for the Maryland Department of the Environment in Baltimore, MD.

I was hired as a Research and Development Specialist at AthenaES ( I design and implement experimental design from genetic design and engineering all the way downstream to biochemistry and protein purification.

Currently, I am the Energy Efficiency Program Manger with the Maryland Energy Administration. Since graduating from Salisbury in 2000, I have worked for The Delaware Dept of Natural Resources & Environmental Control as an Environmental Scientist and a Planner in the Delaware Energy Office. I became a Certified Energy Manager in 2006.

Working as an Environmental Scientist outside of Alexandria, VA. Projects include those related to tidal and non-tidal wetlands, freshwater streams, freshwater fisheries, SAVs, forestry and water quality. Pursing a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy with a concentration in Ecological Management at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

I am currently teaching Chemistry at River Hill High School in Howard County, Maryland. I have been teaching there since graduating from SU. I hope to complete my master's degree in Educational Administration from McDaniel College in spring 2008.

Alumni Relations & Annual Fund Program Coordinator.

Employed by University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service

Let's see... I started a PhD program in Molecular Bio at the U of Arizona, got sick of it, left for med school (EVMS), but decided against that after orientation, and returned to Arizona to finish up a masters' in biotechnology. Currently I am working for The Critical Path Institute and the Arizona Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics, in Tucson, AZ. I work with rare disease projects; more specifically I help set up rare disease registries.

I am completing a one year masters program in physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University. Also, I will be attending the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the Fall.

I am currently teaching as an adjunct for University of Delaware and Wilmington College.

Environmental research for the University of Maryland, primarily looking at benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in agriculturally influenced watersheds, I'm also working on a project studying the effects of antifouling paints in coastal waters.

I will graduate from University of MD, Baltimore School of Dentistry in May 2007. I will start working as a general dentist in Massachusetts in June.

I am currently working at Intervet Inc. in the Quality Control Dept. I have been there for 6 years. I loved my time at SSU (when I was a student). I'd love to hear more about the new science building.

I am currently working as an orthopedic physician assistant in Annapolis, MD.

I graduated with a masters degree in occupational therapy from Towson U. I am currently working on a prn basis at Sinai Hospital(Baltimore).

Teaching 8th grade science in Seaford, Delaware.

Currently self-employed. Past employers: Baltimore Spice Company Noxell Corporation Proctor and Gamble Corporation

I am teaching Biology and Chemistry at Stephen Decatur High School. I am the head varsity field hockey coach for Decatur and in the summers have worked as a mate on the Judith M and the Tortuga (ocean and bay head boats) in Ocean City.

I am a Secondary Science Specialist (high school curriculum) for the Delaware Department of Education.

I'm currently a masters student at Towson University working towards a masters in environmental biology. My thesis is focused on looking at the effects of clay, both through shading and phosphorus kinetics, on algal establishment, physiological state, succession, and resistance to disturbance. I am also a TA, right now I help with lab set-up for a molecular biology class, and also teach a section of genetics recitation. So far I'm really enjoying it!

I am employed as a technical manager for a Swiss automation company (Tecan) working in the Clinical and BioPharma industries.

I am working as the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Life Sciences at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I work with students who are majoring in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.

Hi all! After I graduated I took some time to relax and then in October 2004 got involved with "On Assignment", basically a headhunter for Biology and chemistry personalities. I was sent to interview and was accepted within a day with a BioTech company called Moss, Inc. The company specializes in liquid substrates and I work in the Research and Development program as a Research Assistant to make protein conjugates. After a 6 month trial period was over, Moss Inc. asked me to stay on as a full-time employee and I am still with them and working hard! I work in the research lab, wearing sneakers and jeans everyday, it is a great job and I am learning a lot!

I am currently a Maryland Special Police Officer, working for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. I work at Eastern Shore Hospital Center, a forensic psychiatric hospital in Cambridge, MD.

Environmental Scientist @ Fuller Hall & Associates, Inc. Salisbury, MD Surveying, Engineering, and Planning Duties: Subdivision Design & Land Planning ACOE Wetland Delineator Forest Conservation Qualified Professional Landscape Design

Real Estate sales considering going back to graduate school.

I am currently doing post-doctoral research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. I am using low- and high-throughput RNAi experiments to dissect the mechanism by which G protein-coupled receptors regulate gene expression.

Attending veterinary school in "the islands." It's a tough life, but someone has to do it.

My first year after graduation I was a New Jersey Watershed Ambassador. This was a volunteer position through Americorp where I was in charge of the Mullica River watershed. I completed stream monitoring, school presentations, partnership programs, and many other activities throughout the state to spread the word about the importance of keeping New Jersey's water clean. Currently, I am in the middle of my first year teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science at Middle Township High School in Cape May County, New Jersey. I am having a great time spreading the love of Science to all of my students. They can't get enough crazy science stories from my time at SU.

Working as a family physician in Preston MD. with my husband who is also a family physician.

Working as a Manufacturing Associate/Training Coordinator at Human Genome Sciences in Rockville, MD

Working as a animal trainer at Discovery Cove a sister park of SeaWorld

Received MS in Biotechnology (1999) and PhD in Biochemistry (2001) from Georgetown University. Postdoc at NIH-NIDCR for a few years. Now I am a Scientist at MesoScale Diagnostics.

I currently work for IssueTrak, Inc., a computer issue tracking software developer in Va Beach. If you need any sort of help desk, customer support or issue tracking software, please check us out at I am also in training to become a minister and hope to be moving to the United Kingdom at some point within the next three to five years!

I have been a science teacher in the state of Delaware for 17 years. I am currently teaching 9th grade physical science and biology and am science department chairman at Indian River High School. I am piloting a program with a special education teacher where we are team teaching in college preparatory classes ( most team situations are with the low level classes).

Currently attending University of South Florida for M.A.T., Science Education; U.S.A.F., 1992-2004, Firefighter and 911 Dispatcher; Currently work as 911 Dispatcher, MacDill AFB, Florida.

I'm currently working for a small pharmaceutical company here in New Jersey called Excelsior Medical as their primary quality control tester.

Production supervisor for Sherwin Williams.

I am working on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA.

After graduation, I worked in the biomedical field for three years. I just recently quit to go to nursing school. I will be graduating from nursing school in May of 08.

After graduating SSU, I earned a PhD in Cell Biology and Anatomy at LSU Medical School in New Orleans. I did a post-doctoral fellowship in the Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago and then returned to Maryland to do a second post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital in the Pulmonary division of the Department of Medicine. I decided that lab bench research wasn't the life for me, and for the past two years I have been a biotechnology patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria VA.

Right now I am a graduate researcher (in the Ph.D. program) at North Carolina State University's Department of Entomology. My research is in insect molecular systematics, and I study the evolutionary relationships between lower fly families (Diptera: 'Nematocera'). This groups contains numerous recognizable and important species, including mosquitoes, black flies, sand flies, crane flies, gall midges, etc. I also received a M.S. from the same department, on research involved with dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae & Geotrupidae) populations on cattle pastures and their implications for pasture improvement.

As a 4th year medical student at Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences, I am eagerly anticipating Match Day (March 15th). After graduation in May (2007), I will move on to complete a General Surgery residency.

Currently employed as: Associate Director of Global Regulatory Affairs and Market Support Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Medicine Research and Development Based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Responsible for licensure of new veterinary biologicals (vaccines) for cattle, swine, cats, dogs, and poultry. Responsible for currently licensed vaccines as well.

Teaching Biology and Forensics at Port Chester High School. In my 7th year of teaching. Recently received my permanent NYS teaching certification.

Currently in my 2nd year pursuing a PhD in Natural Resources at Ohio State. My concentration is Human Dimensions and Change Processes and my areas of specialization are Water Policy, Environmental Psychology and Institutional Analysis. My field research will take me back to coastal North Carolina this fall and I hope to be wrapped up by June 2008.

Received PharmD from Auburn University in 2005. Did a post-graduate residency in 2005-2006. Am now the Director of AUPCC Pharmacy and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice in the Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

STILL working at Giant Food grocery store, 20 years now. Recently applied to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a waterfowl biologist job in the Atlantic Flyway, but was not selected. Have done some volunteer work at Blackwater Refuge in Cambridge. Still live in the same house in Fruitland where I was during my college years. Overall doing very well.

I am currently in the STEM program at UMBC gaining a M.A in Teaching. I spent over eight years working as a Biological Lab Tech for the USDA, and now look forward to my new career as a middle school science teacher next year.

I am a pharmacist working for PPD as a consultant pharmacist and interim supervisor.

Currently a third year medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, PCOM. Will be graduating June 08, 2007.

Since graduation in 2002, I earned my M.A. in Film at the University of Kansas ('05) and decided academia wasn't to my liking. I currently work as a Lab Manager for Quest Diagnostics while attending Florida State University for my Masters in Library and Information Science. I should graduate next spring ('07) and hope to find work as an archivist/preservationist. I miss everyone at Salisbury and the University as a whole a great deal. I'd do it all over again in a heart beat.

I am getting ready to graduate from Tufts Veterinary School in May (2007).

Hello! I have been working in environmental education for the past six years, first at the North Carolina Zoo and currently at the Philadelphia Zoo. I work closely with our education herp collection (all of the cold blooded critters), volunteers and interns. I have also been lucky enough to be involved in a headstarting program with diamondback terrapins. My experiences as an undergrad at SSU have stayed with me over the years and continue to inspire my work. Hands-on learning gained from field trips to local wetlands had such a lasting impact. I try to create similar experiences for my own students and volunteers now. It is wonderful to reconnect with old friends from SSU, it would be great to hear about alumni who have gone into the field of environmental education. I would also be happy to provide information about college internships at the zoo.

I am currently a firefighter/paramedic/emergency medical dispatcher for the Dallas Fire Department.

Working as an Environmental Specialist at Maryland Environmental Service. About to graduate from Johns Hopkins with an MS in Environmental Science and Policy.

I work as an Optometist in Columbia, MD. I had graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2003

I am an industrial hygienist with the Social Security Administration located in Baltimore, MD.

Responsible for sales of Oracle software to NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Certified Physician Assistant with Christiana Care Health Services in Delaware.

I teach Human Anatomy and Physiology and Biology at Opelika High School

I own my own Environmental Consulting Company

I am teaching 7th grade Life Science and 9th grade Physical Science at Worcester Prep in Berlin.

Although I graduated in 2003, I actually commenced pharmacy school August 1999 and graduated May 2003. Upon graduation I furthered my education by doing a pharmacy practice residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Currently I am a pharmacist at Stony Brook University Medical Center in New York. I owe a great deal to Mrs. McGlinchey, she was a tremendous help and was very supportive in my decision to apply to pharmacy school.

I am working in the QC department at Schering-Plough Animal Health in Millsboro, DE. I work in the lab working with chicken embryos and avian viruses as well as cell work. I also am involved in field work dealing hands-on with adult chicken vaccinations and necropsies to determine vaccine capabilities.

I am currently the Vice Principal of New Milford High School located in Bergen County, NJ. Prior to that I was the Athletic Director of New Milford HS and a teacher of biology/ecology/marine biology for 2 years. Before coming to New Milford I was a science teacher at Watchung Hills Regional High School for 4 years. I taught biology, chemistry, marine biology, and ecology. In 2003 I received a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from East Stroudsburg University.

I am working as a Senior Laboratory Manager at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I completed my Masters in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins in 2000. I have been in my current position for about 5 years.

American Cancer Society employee, sharing health information and patient services with the community and health care providers.

I'm currently working as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton providing environmental consultation for Army ranges and training areas, munitions items, and emerging contaminants. I oversee several Army projects and manage multiple staff members. Some of my current work includes environmental support to Army Transformation. Prior to that, I worked for the U.S. Army Environmental Command managing Army-wide environmental quality technology requirements to help the Army meet its compliance requirements while getting critical technology programs funded.

I'm am beginning my fourth year at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I'm currently getting ready to start applying to residencies/internships in the fall. I will be moving around the next year while I finish up my fourth year rotations. I have been living in PA while going to school, but I would like to come back to MD for residency and to practice.

As much as I enjoyed biology, my career was short-lived due to a rare strain I contracted called the "flying bug". After a few years in the Navy I left to join the airlines and eventually flew for United Airlines. I just finished my MBA at the University of Chicago and I am embarking on yet another career change. I am now working in Mergers and acquisitions of small companies here in Miami.

I am working on my masters at FAU. I am also the executive chef for a catering company.

I'm currently working as an Aquatic Biologist at Wildlife International, Ltd. in Easton, MD. It is an ecotoxicology laboratory and I primarily work with aquatic and marine species such as fathead and sheepshead minnow, rainbow trout, bluegill, daphinia and mysid shrimp. I run both chronic and acute toxicology tests for international clients who are in the environmental testing process for the various products they are attempting to market. It is a GLP lab following OECD and OPPT guidelines that meet EPA and international regulatory agencies.

Earned a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology @ ND State Univ. Currently employed by USDA, APHIS, Plant Protection & Quarantine as a Regional Program Manager, responsible for exotic plant pathogen programs in the Western United States.

I am currently practicing hospital medicine at Owensboro Medical Health System as the Program Medical Director for Cogent Healthcare, Inc. Since graduation I have finished medical school in Kansas City, served (again) in the Air Force. Completed a Pediatric internship in Mississippi. Then switched gears and did a Family Medicine residency in St. Louis. I enjoyed my time at Salisbury and enjoyed school so much that I decided to go back. I am now working on an MBA through George Washington University. I specifically want to thank, once again, Drs. Holland, Frana and Gehring for the wonderful job you guys do in helping to prepare boneheads like myself to survive and even succeed.

Technical Coordinator for Maryland Coastal Bays Program since 2000. This position entails tracking the implementation of the management plan for the Coastal Bays, pursuing grants to support the non-profit, facilitating volunteer water quality monitoring program as well as an annual horseshoe crab spawning survey.

Fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.

Working on a PhD at the University of Delaware, studying microbial genomics.

Finishing up a Masters in Biotechnology and hoping to land a job in the Frederick, Maryland area in that field.

Work in Washington, DC for the United States Department of Agriculture.

I recently completed my doctorate in physical therapy at Arcadia University. I applied for a commission in the United States Navy and I was one of three selected nationwide. Upon completion of OIS I will be one of the youngest lieutenants serving in the Navy.

I work for Lonza (formerly Cambrex Bioscience) in Walkersville, Maryland as a Quality Assurance Specialist supporting the Liquid and Powdered Media Production facilities. Since graduating in December 1995, I've worked as a government contractor for AmDyne and ManTech supporting the Navy, and most recently for SAIC supporting the Department of Homeland Security. I have also worked for Kennedy Krieger Institute analyzing MRI scans on children with various developmental disabilities. I also spent over a year as a lab analyst for Fairfax Water Authority, Fairfax, Virginia before I landed a job with BioReliance (Invitrogen) as a Quality Assurance Auditor, which I did for over 4 years.

This is my 11 year teaching middle school science at Easton Middle School. Primarily, I have taught 8th grade, however I've also taught a few 7th grade sections.

Hi, Thanks for the interest! After graduating SSU in the Spring of 96', I interned at the Salisbury Zoo for the summer then got a job as a mammal keeper at the Baltimore Zoo in Sept. of 96'. I worked there until Sept. of 99', then took a new job in an office setting for almost two years. You know being a Bio major, most of us Bio majors don't like the office settings to much. So after my first son was born, I left that boring, but good office setting to take care of my son and worked part time at the Catoction Zoo in Thuromont, MD. I decided that I really wanted to get into the school system. So in Oct. 02' I started working at Gleneg High School as an Instructional Assistant in the Special Education Dept. I recently transferred to Marroitts Ridge High School in Howard County and I am still assisting in all the Biology Classes! The kids are great and they think it is awesome that I graduated from Salisbury! I still wear my SSU sweatshirts to school on Fridays and the kids always ask about SSU. I think I will be here for a while, the kids, the staff and hours are great!

I am an Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nurse/Nurse manager. Planning on starting school in the fall for an MPH in Environmental Health/Water Quality.

I taught high school biology and earth science for 3 years at Wicomico High School in Salisbury. I am currently on staff with Young Life in Baltimore County. I am the WyldLife director and I work with middle school kids.

I worked at PRMC in Salisbury for 6 months and then my husband changed jobs and we are living in Baltimore County. I am currently working at St. Joseph's Medical Center.

Biochemistry PhD student at Virginia Tech

I am currently attending New York Chiropractic college.

I teach high school Anatomy and Physiology and Biology at Springbrook HS in Silver Spring, MD. I also am the varsity girls' soccer coach at the school. I am getting married in June to my boyfriend of six years who also graduated from Salisbury in 2003. I return to Salisbury at least once a year for the alumni soccer game in August. I loved my time at Salisbury and many of my students have decide to attend Salisbury. I hope all is well and I was glad to hear from the department.

Working in bio-defense for Booz Allen Hamilton at Edgewood Area, Aberdeen Proving Ground. Working on undergrad credits at Towson University to apply for a graduate program in biochemical engineering at Johns Hopkins.

Working as a Lieutenant at the Salisbury Fire Department. Completed my Masters Degree in AHPH at SU in 2004.

I am just recently married and my husband and I have just moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania from Washington, D.C. Due to our move, I resigned from my job as an assistant catering coordinator and am currently looking for a new job in Pennsylvania.

I am working as a polymer chemist, producing chromatography columns for a company called Transgenomic in San Jose, CA. I am currently studying for the GRE and hope to attend graduate school in the fall.

I was hired as an insurance sales agent with United Group Associates, where I am learning a tremendous amount about the world of sales. I love the company I work for and the people I work with. I am considered an independent contractor, therefore I am self-employed and my job requires longs hours if I want to be successful. Looking back now, I realize that I am may not necessarily be applying the subject I studied at school, but the overall experience gained in college is what I will really benefited from in the long run.

I am currently working for Perdue Farms as a Supervisor in the Microbiology Research Laboratory.

After graduating, I took a job as the chemist/lab director at Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant. I was there for five years before taking a job as microbiologist @ the Campbell Soup plant in Salisbury. Once the plant closed in 1993, I was offered a job in the microbiology lab at Perdue Farms. I moved to Germany in 1996 when my husband was stationed there with the Army. During our three year tour overseas, I was a substitute teacher in the DODS school system. Our next duty station was in Colorado Springs. While my husband was deployed in Bosnia, I entered the teacher licensure program at Regis University. I earned my license in 2000, and am currently teaching chemistry at Lewis-Palmer High School in Monument, CO. This is my seventh year at LP, during which time I have also taught Biology and Zoology. I am currently working on my Master's in Integrated Natural Sciences through University of Northern Colorado, and should complete the program in early 2008.

I am a Proposal Manager in the telecommunications industry...not biology, but hopefully my background in science is helping with all this jargon! I plan to attend the next Colorado Alumni event and can't wait to see who is also out here. Hope everyone is well.

Hi! I'm also happy to hear from the biology's nice to keep in touch! As far as my biology career goes, it has take a bit of a break while I focus on being a new mom. My husband and I had a baby girl on New Year's Eve 2005. We've already brought her to visit the new biology building and to see some of our beloved professors. I hope to one day find my dream job in the environmental field once again...not sure where or what...only time will tell!

Having a blast working here at SU in the BST Center For Dr. Frana and Dr. Venso!!
Stay at home mom

I'm a veterinarian in a my second year of a 3 year small animal surgical residency at the Animal Medical Center.

I attended medical school at Des Moines University-graduated 1999. Completed a pediatric residency at UMDNJ/Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ in 2002. Was a pediatric hospitalist at Childrens hospital of Wisconsin/Fox Valley from 2002-2003. I've worked in private practice in the Hampton Roads area since 2003. I am married and have an 18 month old son named Jack.

I am a wetland scientist for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. I direct a research and management program to study and protect wetlands in the water supply watershed for New York City. I am currently on a maternity leave with my second daughter.

Doctor of Chiropractic practicing in the central New Jersey area.

-Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Towson Univeristy in 2003 -Working as a Physician Assistant in Neurosurgery at Maryland General Hospital since 2003.

working towards my PhD at George Washington University. my area of study is DNA repair following exposure to chromium.

Hi SU! I'm currently a 2nd year pharmacy student at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. I started my own online dietary supplement business and am very excited about the future!

I went to Medical School at University of Medicine and Dentistry- School of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 2006. I also joined the Army on HPSP scholarship to pay for medical school. I am currently doing my Internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC in the area of Pediatrics.

Graduated Salisbury 2001 with B.S. Biology, Graduated West Virginia University School of Medicine 2006, Started WVU Orthopaedic Surgery Residency in 2006

I graduated from Arcadia University in 2006 with a Master of Science in Forensic Science and am currently working at NMS Labs in Willow Grove, PA. NMS Labs is a clinical and forensic laboratory.

Work for Science and Technology Company here is Maryland.

Assistant Principal at Caesar Rodney High School.

I am currently working at Intervet in Millsboro DE. I am a laboratory technician working on feline viral diseases. I have also finished (August 2006) a Masters of Science in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University.

Currently working for Oregon Department of Forestry.

I work for the DOD in Aberdeen on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds testing soils, water and air for semi-volatile organic material. That was a great job but I wanted more so I went to Hood College and obtained a Masters' in Environmental Biology. I am currently working at Bechtel Corporation in Frederick, MD. My current positions involves environmental permitting of a large coal-fired power plant in Ohio.

I'm currently a Ph.D. student at the George Washington University working with Dr. Sheri Church. My dissertation is looking into the influence of polyploidy and hybridization on speciation. I'm also coordinating a one week workshop for the HHMI/NSF REU summer program offered by our department.

I am currently a Director of Quality Assurance at Quest Pharmaceutical Services. I received my masters in Healthcare Management at Wilmington College in 2002.

Just been recently hired as as Aquarist on MOTE Marine Labs and Aquarium in Sarasota,Fl.

I am currently enrolled in the Sonography Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County and will be graduating in August.

I am working for a Scientific Staffing company and am placed at a biotechnology in Rockville.

I am currently working for a scientific staffing company at a biotechnology company located in Rockville, Maryland. The company is called Novavax and they are known for their product, Extrasorb, that helps women going through menopause. The company is also pushing for another product to go into phase three, clinical trials.

After graduating Salisbury I went to work for the National Cancer Institute and began my Masters of Science concentrating in Regulatory Affairs. I had to cut short my masters work to attend medical school at Ross University School of Medicine. I am currently in my fourth year there going through clinical rotations in Long Island New York. I hope to be back in Maryland to finish up my last few rotations before starting my residency in either radiology or ER medicine. I am in a relationship with a wonderful girl I met while working the NCI and we hope to settle down and start our family once I have completed medical school.

I left Salisbury and got my medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in 1994. I then did a residency in Family Medicine at Andrews Air Force Base. I am currently a Lieutenant Colonel teaching family medicine at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha Nebraska. This summer, I will move with my husband and two children to Yokota Air Base, Japan, where I will assume command of the Medical Operations Squadron.

Recently, I left the teaching profession (high school biology and physical science) to work with Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service writing ecosystem-based fisheries management plans.

I am married with a 10 month old son. We are living in Doylestown, OH on a little farm with 3 dogs, 4 cats, 6 chickens and a rooster. I am a family practice physician and have been practicing for almost 4 years now. I own my own practice in Canton, Ohio. It is really busy but I love it.

I'm currently working at Cambria Winery, in the Santa Maria Valley of California. My fiance is stationed here at Vandenberg AFB. We plan on moving back to Maryland after this duty station in 2010. Surprisingly, a coworker of mine graduated from UMD College Park, and I've met many other Marylanders who have come through the winery, including one who went to my elementary school!

Work as radiation oncologist at JHU. Am always open to having students observe or work for the summer. I also am happy to come and give a talk.

Employed by University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service

A few years after obtaining my BS in Biology, I served in the Air Force as a Firefighter and 911 Dispatcher for 12 years. After separating from MacDill AFB, I continued working at the same base as a 911 dispatcher. Now I'm attending University of South Florida in Tampa in the M.A.T. Science Education Program.

Currently the Principal of New Milford High School located in New Milford, NJ. Before becoming principal, I was a science teacher at Watchung Hills Regional HS (Warren, NJ) where I taught Biology/Marine Biology/Chemistry/Ecology and coached Football/Lacrosse/Ice Hockey (Head). Following my stint at WHRHS, I went to New Milford as Athletic Director and then Vice Principal.

Prior to entering law school, I worked in various hospital laboratories, and in medical research at both the National Institutes of Health and the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

I worked at Intervet Inc. for five years. I have spent the last four years at home raising my two children. I have a baby due in January.

Teaching Biology and Environmental Science at Walkersville High School, traveling around the world, earned a master's degree (Environmental Biology at Hood College in Frederick, MD), got married, expecting a daughter in February.

I am continuing my education at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and pursing a degree and certification for license to practice medicine as a Physician's Assistant. I received my Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins in December 2006. I am currently working at Maryland Environmental Service (with some other SSU grads!) as an Environmental Specialist.

I am currently teaching Biology CM (10th grade) and Earth Science (9th grade) at James M. Bennett High School, here in Wicomico County. I graduated SU with Biology, Secondary Education track and a minor in Earth Science. :)

I currently am a Product Compliance Specialist for the US Army Medical Research Materiel Command. I work with Product Managers, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance personnel to maintain and assure current testing of the Nations Stock Pile, for the Special Immunizations Program (SIP). My products treat or vaccinate against; Q-Fever, Tularemia, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), VenezuaEE, WEE and Rift Valley Fever (RVF) After leaving Salisbury I went to work for Pfizer in Groton Conn. as a Research Specialist working in cell culture and cloning of cell lines. I was recruited to work at Celera Genomics in Rockville MD on the Human Genome Project which then lead to assisting in the identification of the victims of 9/11 via cell cloning and mitochondrial analysis. I then moved on to Human Genome Sciences were I worked in product development and used my skills to develop more efficient methods of scale up to Pilot Production with Microbial and Mammalian Cell Culture. In 2003 I was activated with the Army Reserve and spent two years on Active Duty with the Army. Upon my return I took a civilian role working for the US Army Medical Materiel Development Activity. I currently work for the US Army Medical Research Materiel Command Division of Regulated Activities and Compliance Product Technical Operations.

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