Biological Sciences
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Information on Biology Internships

The Biology Department internship program provides students the opportunity to gain experience in a professional field and to explore their career interests. There are many internship opportunities both locally and regionally, and there are even international opportunities. Biology students are encouraged to consider this important option during their undergraduate career. Specific internship opportunities are posted on bulletin boards in the Biology Department and sent out electronically to all Biology majors. Biology internship information and opportunities are also available through SU Career Services.

Students who are interested an internship may meet with the Internship Coordinator for more information and help deciding on an internship. Because this experience is ideally a trial run at a career, students are encouraged to identify and apply for internships independently, as they would for a job. Interns stay in contact with the department Internship Coordinator during the experience, and they produce a journal and an evaluation of the experience at the end.

Internships have been strongly linked to future career success. Students are often surprised and impressed with the relevance and scope of the work they do, and with how much it helps them with finding a job after graduation.