Paul Flexner
2017 SpringART 328-001ILLUSTRATION
Students learn how to conceptualize and create images that communicate narrative or editorial content, using a variety of image-making techniques, including photo-imaging, computer-aided drawing, plus various traditional arts media. Prerequisite: ART 226 or 227. Six hours per week. Prereq: Art 226 or 227.
2017 SpringART 426-001GRAPHIC DESIGN III
Using specialized software, students learn how to apply graphic design principles and techniques to the design of three-dimensional packages for consumer products. These package designs must also take into account specific marketing goals. B.A. Prerequisite: ART 326. B.F.A. Prerequisites: ART 326, completion of 24 hours of the B.F.A. core. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: Art 326. B.F.A. Prerequisite: Art 326, completion of 24 hours of the B.F.A. track.
Directed study in one or a combination of studio disciplines. Students furnish their own materials. May be repeated once under different subtitle, for a total of no more than six credits. May be offered for undergraduate or graduate credit. Prerequisites: ART 390, approval of the department chair prior to registration.
Students work collaboratively in a setting structured like a graphic design firm to complete job assignments for actual clients including the University, community, and non-profit organizations. Students also work on self-promotion. Prerequisite: ART 426. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: Art 426.

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