Jim Hill

Bio Information

James K Hill is currently the Chair of the Art Department at Salisbury University and has a long career as an art administrator, furniture designer, sculptor, and potter. His works are held in the permanent collections of the Chicago Art Institute, and five other museums in the Southwest. Art International reviewed his first major solo exhibition at the Ether Robles Gallery in Los Angeles in 1970. Over the years in galleries in Santa Fe, Houston, Los Angeles, Princeton and New York have shown his work. James has taken a number of commissions for large public sculptures and recently completed a 17 foot bronze for Missouri State University. The gestures recorded in modeling a sculpture in clay establishes much of the meaning in figurative bronzes. Up close, the textures are like abstract expressionism, but seen from a distance his sculptures suggest a story and are often loaded with symbols.

When Throwing pots, James  concentrates mostly on making large exhibition pots.  He loves to commit them to the “fire”.  The flame’s magic happens in the kiln is always a wonder to anticipate.  His pots are just “pots”, and they remain a compelling aesthetic expression separate from his sculptural works. 

He feels that pottery can be an art form and disagrees with the traditional view of as something less than “art”.  Jim says”  “Pottery and sculpture have different agendas and operate by different rules.  Throwing a good pot requires immediate attention and the repetitive action.  Out of ten, maybe, I will get my ideal form in one, but then the fire will either kiss it or kill it.”


Ed.D., College Teaching of Art, Techers College, Columbia University

MA,Sculpture, University of New Mexico

BFA, Ceramics & Sculpture, University of New Mexico

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