Sally Molenda
2017 SpringART 104-003ART APPRECIATION
Wide-ranging introduction to the visual arts that focuses primarily on the art and architecture of Western Civilization. Topics include art theory, visual perception, subject matter and content, art-making media and techniques, the creative process and the relation of art to its historical and cultural context. Does not count toward the art B.F.A., art minor or art history minor degree requirements. Three hours per week with enhancement. Meets General Education IIIA or IIIC.
Introduction to and development of knowledge and comprehension of the underlying principles of visual composition, through the creation of designs. Bulk supplies are provided, but students need to furnish some materials. Major Corequisite: ART 130; no corequisite for non-majors. Six hours per week. Meets General Education IIIA or IIIC (Prior to Fall 2008: IB). B.A./B.F.A. Corequisite: Art 130.
2017 SpringART 318-001BOOK ARTS
Introduction to the handmade, one-of-a-kind “artist’s book” as a sculptural medium and creative art form. Explores various bookbinding techniques and both traditional and nontraditional materials, including those used in other art media. Encourages students to draw upon their work in other art courses and fields of study in the design, structure and content of their books. Prerequisites: ART 121, 130, 201. Six hours per week. B.F.A. Prerequisites: Art 121, 130, 230.

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