Edward Brown
2017 SummerHONR 495-041HONORS THESIS
Independent study culminating in substantial original research, scholarly or creative work. Students may apply to Honors faculty administrators for permission to substitute another department's thesis or independent study course for HONR 495. The thesis must be completed with a B or better to fulfill the Honors program requirement. Prerequisite: HONR 490. Corequisite: HONR 496. Three to four hours per week.
2017 FallART 230-002DRAWING II
Introduction to monochromatic and polychromatic drawing techniques using wet and dry media. Students furnish their own materials. B.F.A. core. B.A. Prerequisites: ART 121, 130. B.F.A. Prerequisite: ART 121, 130 , 201. Six hours per week. B.A. Prerequisites: Art 121, 130. B.F.A. Prerequisities: Art 121, 130, 201.
2017 FallART 340-001PAINTING II
Study of selected media chosen by the student, with attention to special techniques and problems. Students furnish their own materials. Prerequisite: ART 246. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: Art 246.

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