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"Let my soul, a shining tree,  
Silver branches lift towards thee,  
Where on a hallowed winter's night  
The clear-eyed angels may alight."

-Siegfried Sassoon, Tree and Sky

Welcome to Salisbury University's Arboretum home page. Our campus is a place for the scientific study and public display of various species of woody and herbaceous plants. The school began its collection of plants in 1985 and in the spring of 1988 was declared an arboretum. The arboretum has become an integral part of the 125 acre campus and exists to provide an attractive landscape setting, conducive to learning, that demonstrates the diversity of the plant kingdom.

In the effort to display the diversity of the plant kingdom, the Plant Records Department records and tracks the growth of over 750 plant species. These plants are documented and maintained in a computer database. Furthermore, the campus landscape is continuously being developed, as both indigenous and exotic plant species are added yearly. While walking around the campus it is easy to appreciate the wide array of flora the University has invested in.


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