Artist: Hernon Atkins MacNeil
Medium: Bronze
Born near Chelsea, Massachusetts, Hernon MacNeil attended public school until he entered the state Normal Art School. He graduated from the State Normal Art School and went on to be appointed as an instructor in modeling at Cornell University. In 1888, Hernon MacNeil left for Paris and studied with Chapu at the Academic Julian and later with Falguiere at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. In 1891 he returned to the United States where he became absorbed in the subject of the American Indian. For the next twelve or so years, the American Indian became the main theme of Hernon MacNeil's work. In 1895 Hernon MacNeil married Corol Brooks, a sculptor and an student of his. At the same time he received a one-year scholarship to study at the American Academy at Rome, where he and his wife stayed for an additional two years. In 1899 he left Rome and went to Paris before returning again to the United States. By 1910 Hernon MacNeil ended his work on the American Indian and by 1915 he began work on portraiture and monument decorations, which would span the rest of his career. Hernon MacNeil's career ended in 1930, and he died in 1947. The "Sun Vow" was made at the American Academy in Rome and cast, in bronze in Paris. This is a good example of the artist creating the myth of the American west.

Sun Vow is located in the walkway connecting
the Guerrieri University Center and the Commons.