Adolescence by Berta Margoulies
Barnyard Pig by David H. Turner
Black Bears by David H. Turner
Bobcats by William & David H. Turner
Body Language by Bart Walter
Boy on Stilts by William Turner
Brotherly Love by George Barnard
Contemplation by Bart Walter
Diana by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Egret by Bill Hiese
Fallen Angel by Benson Selzer
Henry David Thoreau by Jo Davidson
Ishmael by Bart Walter
The Little Dancer of Fourteen Years by Edgar Degas
Moose by Bill Hiese
Narcissus by Beatrice Fenton
The Pan of Rohallion by Frederick William MacMonnies
Pierre de Wissant by Auguste Rodin
The Prodigal Son by Leonard Baskin
Ralph Waldo Emerson by Daniel Chester French
Rocket Thrower by Donald De Lue
Rutting Bucks by David H. Turner
Sun Vow by Hernon Atkins MacNeil
The Thinker by Auguste Rodin
Timber Wolves by David H. Turner
Wounded Comrade
Wrought Iron Bird by Bill Hiese