Artist: Donald De Lue
Medium: Bronze
Location: The Commons
Donald Harcourt De Lue was born on October 5, 1897 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. At nine years of age Donald's mother tried to enroll him at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Although Bela Pratt, head of the museum school, was impressed with young De Lue's drawings, he found him too young to enter the school. Instead he recommended that De Lue go and work as an apprentice in the studio of one of his friends, Richard Recchia. After working in Richard Recchia's studio, Donald De Lue went on to work in the studio of Robert Baker. Donald De Lue found his way to Paris after World War II. After a few years in Paris he returned to America, and in 1948 opened his own studio in New York. With the opening of his studio, Donald De Lue created an enormous amount of work. His works included "St. John the Baptist," "Law and Justice," "Thomas Jefferson," "The Boy Scout Memorial," "Mountaineer," "Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy," "George Washington at Prayer," "Quest Eternal," and "Rocket Thrower," shown above. After a brief illness, Donald De Lue died on August 26, 1998. "Rocket Thrower" was made for the 1964 worlds Fair, and represents America's entrance into the realmof outer space.