Artist: Daniel Chester French
Medium: Bronze
Location: The Commons
Daniel Chester French was born on April 20, 1850 in Exeter, New Hampshire. In the 1860's the family moved from Exeter, New Hampshire to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Daniel was enrolled in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was here that Daniel began modeling busts of his friends. In November of 1873, the town of Concord, Massachusetts commissioned Daniel to create a public monument of "The Minute Man." Upon completion of "The Minute Man," Daniel Chester French, "determined to deepen his artistic knowledge" left for Italy as an invited guest of Thomas Ball in 1874 and returned from Italy in 1876. Between his first commission in 1873 and his death in 1931, Daniel Chester French worked on and completed more than eleven memorials and well over twelve sculptures, which include monuments and sculptures such as the "Abraham Lincoln," for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. and sculptures such as the "Ralph Waldo Emerson" bust that is currently held by Salisbury University, Salisbury , Maryland.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is located in the walkway connecting the Guerrieri University Center and the Commons.