Artist: Leonard Baskin
Medium: Bronze

"Leonard Baskin is highly acclaimed for his sculpture, which he considers his major life work. He has remained committed to the traditional techniques on carving and modeling and continues to consider the human figure as the primary motif for sculpture. It is this strength of purpose, this devotion to theme and material, and this consistency of quality and intent, that underline the sculpture and make it universal in meaning and effect.

In 1976, he modeled "Prodigal Son," with father and son embracing in accordance with the biblical story. baskin has intensified the union of the figures beyond the mutually embracing arms, bringing them together in wrappings of the garments. Here the wrapping motif serves two iconographical meanings; the two figures are literally bound together by bonds of love...."(Quotation from The Sculpture of Leonard Baskin, by Irma B. Jaffe, 1980.) Leonard Baskin is one the three sculptors who contributed work to the Franklin Roosevelt memorial in Washington, D.C.

The Prodigal Son is located in Fulton Hall, in front of the Gallery.