Rutting Bucks - David H. Turner
Artist: David H. Turner
Medium: Bronze
David Turner, the son of William Turner, graduated from the University of William and Mary. After graduating from William and Mary, David became dissatisfied with living in Washington, D.C. and decided to begin working with his father in their bronze foundry.

David's father, Bill Turner, pointed out that, "Dave's initial position was foundry manager, with occasional design responsibilities. He had always shown a keen interest in anything that flew, swam, or crawled. Even in his grammar school days, he demonstrated an ability to model many subjects in clay. They were primitive and rough, but the essence of creature was there. I became more aware of his potential when, on vacation from William and Mary, he brought home a finely executed model of a bison," said Bill Turner.

"After joining me in the bronze venture, his modeling quickly evolved and it soon became apparent that he should be spending his time creating sculpture rather than casting metal. He has continuously evolved and at present designs sculptures of all sizes, from miniatures to huge commissions for Zoos and Universities," Bill Turner continued.

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