Boy on Stilts - William Turner
Artist: William Turner
Medium: Bronze

Born on the Eastern shore of the Virginia peninsula, Bill became fascinated with nature and her animals; this wonder, combined with wood crafting skills learned building boats with his father, was soon applied to duck carving.

Turner was later introduced to clay sculpture by his neighbor, Robert Rockwell, a taxidermist of renown. Turner sold his first work at the Crossroads of Sports in New York; the sculpture was bought for $25.00.

After studying at the University of Virginia and the Dental School of the Medical College of Virginia, Turner began working in Porcelain; he eventually founded Turner Porcelain. Customers of Turner Porcelain included such prestigious buyers as: Nieman, Marcus, Cartier, and J.E.Caldwell.

Turner has since ceased porcelain work, and now uses the more dynamic medium of Bronze.

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