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We will only feature those students who request to be included though, so if you would like to be added to this page, you will need to contact Amie Senland. As one of the conference planning committee members, Amie Senland, M.A., will be coordinating all of the various aspects of this webpage. Amie is currently a doctoral student at Fordham University in New York City, she has been attending AME conferences since she was an undergraduate student at Saint Joseph College in Connecticut (now University of Saint Joseph).


  • Amie Senland, M.A., AME 2012 Conference Committee Member and Department of Psychology, Fordham University

As an undergraduate at Saint Joseph College in Connecticut (now University of Saint Joseph), I worked with my professors (Dr. Elizabeth Vozzola, Dr. Mary Whitney, and Dr. Joan Hofmann) on their research on children’s moral understanding of Harry Potter.  I completed my Honors thesis on children’s moral understanding of Harry Potter and expanded that research in a second study investigating how the Christian worldview shapes families’ moral understanding of Harry Potter.  My interest in moral reasoning and moral development has continued as a graduate student at Fordham University, where I work with Dr. Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro.  During graduate school, my research has focused on moral reasoning and empathy in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.

Previous AME Conferences Attended

As a Graduate Student while at Fordham University (NY)

2010 St Louis, Missouri "Gateway to Justice: Meeting the Moral Challenges of Social Inequality"

As an Undergraduate Student while at Saint Joseph College (CT)

2007 New York, NY "Civic Education, Moral Education, and Democracy in a Global Society"

2005 Cambridge, Massachusetts "Challenging What's 'Right': How Children and Adolescents Come to Critique Culture from an Ethical Standpoint"

2004 Dana Point, California "Moral Education: The Intersection of Ethics, Aesthetics, and Social Justice"


  • James Bishop, M.A., Department of Educational Psychology, University of North Texas

    My interest in morality and ethics began as an undergraduate in philosophy studying the works of Soren Kierkeggard and the existentialists. I hold a master’s degree in professional counseling, and I am currently a doctoral student studying gifted and talented individuals.  In addition, I am the author and editor of several books on philosophy and pop culture. I will be presenting a paper on the moral observations of the historian and philosopher Will Durant. With regards to the subject matter of my presentation, I am the editor of the annotated edition of Will Durant’s “Philosophy and the Social Problem” (Promethean Press, 2008), co-producer and editor of the documentary “AVisit with Will and Ariel Durant” (Northern River Productions, 2003), and an advisor to the Will Durant Foundation.

    My research interests (on the subject of morality) include examining the relationship between moral reasoning and giftedness. I am also interested in the correlation between criminal behavior and divergent thinking. 

    This is my first AME conference, and I look forward to networking and exchanging ideas.



  • Jeff Brooks, M. A., Department of Psychology, University of Notre Dame

My research largely focuses on the emotions and cognitions that underlie moral motivation and behavior. Central to my research is the notion that people’s experiences with others throughout development contribute to the formation of inseparable cognitions and emotions that motivate us toward behaviors that have moral significance (such as whether or not to donate to charity or protest against abortion). Currently, I am studying how maternal health, attitudes toward parenting, and parenting behaviors impact infant temperament, and in turn, how temperament is linked to early indicators of prosocial and antisocial behaviors.

“As far as experiences go, my favorite part of the conferences is the closeness and familiarity that everyone has with each other. I just feel like I can talk to anyone about anything and that is a nice feeling. As far as expectations, I didn't really have any initially because I hadn't been to many conferences as a student. But now my expectations are to have a good time and learn a whole bunch at all of the conferences!”

Previous AME Conferences Attended

2010 St Louis, Missouri "Gateway to Justice: Meeting the Moral Challenges of Social Inequality"

2008 South Bend, IN "Faith, Democracy, Values: The Challenge of Moral Formation in         Families, Schools, and Societies"

Poster Presentations

Brooks, J., Narvaez, D., Forster, K., Delgado, K., Laufenberg, L., & Michalak, G (2010, November). Triune Ethics Identities: Relation to Personality and Action. Poster session presented at the 36th annual conference of the Association for Moral Education, St. Louis, MO.

Anthony, C., Mattan, B., Brooks, J., Laufenberg, L., Potter, L. & Michalak, G., Narvaez, D. (2010, November). Moral Reactivity.  Poster session presented at the 36th annual conference of the Association for Moral Education, St. Louis, MO.



  • Kimvy V. Calpito, M.Ed., University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas

I am currently working on a Ph.D. with an International Education and Entrepreneurship concentration at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas.  With the help of Dr. Osman Özturgut, I have been involved with collaborative research projects about cultural cognitive adaptation through childhood education and evaluating Head Start eligibility systems.  My research interests consist of biculturalism and its effects on adolescent and adult development.  This is my first AME conference and I am excited to have the opportunity to participate this year.  My expectations are to meet others from diverse backgrounds and learn about various research topics.





  • William Dunlop, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia

Will is interested in identity (personal and social), motivation, and personality and social-cognitive development. In his recent work he has considered these topics in relation to moral functioning through the examination of moral motivation across the adult lifespan and the personality composition of highly prosocial individuals.






  • Hyemin Han, M.S., School of Education, Stanford University

I am a first year student in Developmental and Psychological Studies in Education at Stanford University, and interested in the developmental process of moral formation and the neuroscientific basis of human morality. I am participating in a research project that examines the role of truth, humility, and faith in the moral formation of exemplary individuals.

Before coming to Stanford University, I taught Ethics and Philosophy at Daein High School and Chungshin Girls' High School in Korea. My experience also includes computer programming and system engineering for semiconductor manufacturing. I received my B.A. in Ethics Education, B.S. in Astronomy and Bachelor minor in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea, and my M.S. in the Science, Technology and Society program, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea.

Attending AME 2102 would aid me substantially in professional development, allowing me to presenting my own research, establish contact with leading scholars, and improve my understanding of the latest trends in my areas of research interest.

Previous AME Conferences Attended

2011 Nanjing, China “Cultivating Morality”

(Presented "Bridging the Gap between Science and the Humanities through Moral Education" with Prof. Changwoo Jeong)

2010 St Louis, Missouri “Gateway to Justice: Meeting the Moral Challenges of Social Inequality”

(Presented “The moral human as a sociobiological, natural scientific being: how it can be helpful to our study of moral functioning and moral education” with Prof. Changwoo Jeong)


  • Jessica Lloyd-Hazlett, M.Ed. in Couples & Family Counseling, College of William & Mary

 As a doctoral student in Counselor Education and Supervision at the College of William & Mary, I have the opportunity to work closely with counseling trainees, clients, and professional colleagues. In each of these relationships, I have increasingly come to see the relevance of development in these interactions. Specifically, an understanding of moral development and education allows me to read and flex to the needs of my students and clients, alike, and to scaffold cognitive growth congruent with the individual’s goals. My primary research interests include professional and client advocacy, cross-disciplinary collaboration, critical examination of counselor preparation and pedagogy, and family therapy. While I have previously attended many state, national, and international conferences within the Counseling and Psychotherapy field, I am greatly looking forward to the 2012AME Conference. I hope it will provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary dialogue, collaboration, and exposure to current research in moral education.



  • Eleni Maria Honderich, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

I am currently a second year doctoral student in the Counselor Education program at the College of William and Mary.  Before returning to school to pursue my doctorate, I worked in the field as an addictions counselor.  My passion revolves around patients’ rights and I find myself to be a strong advocate in this regard.  Currently, some of the research topics I am interested in include: moral development and its relationship to ethical behavior, the role of one’s values in ethical behavior, and ways to increase counselors’ effectiveness of treating clients with addictions.  This is my first AME conference and I am very excited to attend, hearing rave reviews from past attendees. 




  • Megan McCall, M.A., Department of Psychology, Saint Louis University

My research centers on school-aged children’s construction of moral meaning, moral self perceptions, self-conscious emotions in morally-relevant behavior, and the socialization of moral values within family, school, and religious-community systems.  I am also interested in measurement issues.

Previous AME Conferences Attended: 2010 St Louis, Missouri "Gateway to Justice: Meeting the Moral Challenges of Social Inequality"







  • Denise K. Ramón, M.Ed., Dreeben School of Education, University of the Incarnate Word

International Education and Entrepreneurship at the doctoral level is my current program of study at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. My research interests lie within cognitive studies and the development of the thought process in children. Recent collaborative research projects include: (1) cultural cognitive adaptation through early childhood education and (2) a study on eligibility criteria for a U.S. federal early childhood education program, Head Start. This is my first AME conference. By attending the AME conference this year, I hope to network and learn more about the world of research


















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