Hardship Reduced Rate Application

I.        The AME membership rate is reduced to $20 US (normally, $95 US for regular memberships and $65 US for students), which will reduce conference registration by $75 US for regular members and $45 US for students.  To be eligible, individuals must qualify for one of the following categories:

a)      Students registered for full-time work toward graduate degrees in universities or colleges and for whom paying the membership fee would be a hardship.

b)      Unemployed individuals (if unemployment was not by choice and paying the membership rate presents a hardship to the individual).

c)       Untenured faculty in countries defined as “developing countries” according to IMF criteria and for whom the membership fee would be a hardship.


2.    Applicants must submit an application on the conference registration website, and their application must be accepted. 


3.    This reduced rate is developed in association with JME and includes a one-year subscription to the journal.


4.    Student and young faculty applicants may apply for both a hardship reduced rate and a travel grant.


5.    For any individual, the period of reduced subscription would be for a maximum of three years.


To apply, please submit answers to each of the following questions ONE email to AME2012@unt.edu by June 15, 2012 and  include “Hardship application” in your subject line.  The Committee will request further information if necessary with a view to deciding on applications by the end of June, 2012. The Committee's decision will be final.

Deadline for submission:  June 15.

Recipients will be notified by July 15.


Applicants will be required to submit, by email and in English:

1) Are you a full-time student working toward a graduate degree?

What degree?  What college or university?  

Please attach documentation.


2)      Are you a tenured or untenured faculty member?    

Tenured               Untenured         Not a faculty member

What country do you live/work in?

Please attach documentation.


3)      Are you an unemployed person of limited means such that it would be difficult for you to pay the regular membership fee?           

Yes         No

Explain. Please attach documentation if available.


4)      Do you have recourse to other support from the university or other institution you work for? 

Yes           No

If no, please explain.







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