Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On this webpage we hope to provide an ever-expanding list of some common questions about attending professional conferences in general, and the AME 2012 conference in particular. Check back often as we will be adding to this list as more questions come in. If you have a question you think would be relevant here, send it to Amie Senland at

We have divided the FAQs into several areas, but encourage you to read them all


Student-related Questions

Is there a discount on the Conference Registration Fee for students?

  • Yes, the registration fee is discounted by $100 for anyone that is currently an undergraduate or graduate student in any academic program.

Will there be special events for students at the conference?  If so, what will these events be like?  What is the best way for me to meet other students at the conference?

  • Yes, most definitely. The details are still being determined, but announcements will be made about these as they develop. At a minimum, it is expected the first session on Friday and/or Saturday will include specific opportunities to discuss student, and new member, issues with others.

Do students typically bring business cards to AME?

  • It is always a good idea to bring business cards because you might meet people who you would like to follow-up with after the conference. Your school may or may not provide business cards. However, if you Google “how to make business cards online,” you should be able to find some websites to help you make your own business cards. Everyone will not have cards, so if you do not have them you will not be alone. Most of the time the official Program for the conference will include contact information for all presenters as well


Questions for those new to AME

What is the dress code at AME like? What should I wear at the conference when I am not presenting

  • You will certainly see a wide range of diverse interpretations of "professional" attire among those that have been attending conference for years, but for students the dress code at AME is usually more or less business casual, and most dress up more when they are presenting. Wear something nice but comfortable.
  • At the banquet, some people dress up more.  Women are more likely to wear a dress or some type of suit; men are more likely to wear sports coats or suits and ties.

What is the Banquet? Is the Banquet something that other students typically attend?

  • The Banquet occurs at the end of the conference. It is a time when all conference participants come together one last time to socialize and eat together.  Students are welcome at, and encouraged to attend the Banquet.  It is a great time to meet new people, as well as to talk with old friends and acquaintances.  Everyone is more relaxed because no one is presenting anymore

What is included in my registration fee?

  • Included in your registration costs are: (1) a one-year membership in AME, (2) a one-year subscription to the Journal of Moral Education, (3) food and beverage breaks each day, (4) the Taylor and Francis reception on Thursday evening, and (5) Friday’s reception during the Poster Session. We will also be scheduling mentoring sessions for new professionals and new members of AME.

What happens at the Receptions on Thursday and Friday evening?

  • These receptions allow conference attendees to meet and interact in a more casual setting than throughout the rest of the conference. Appetizers and beverages will be served throughout the reception, and a cash bar will be available.
  • During the Thursday Reception, AME will also announce the annual awards for the organization
  • During the Friday Reception, all Research Posters presentation will be available for viewing, and for you to talk with the poster presenters

Can I request to change the time of my presentation?

  • In very rare cases, it is possible to make such changes by contacting the conference chair, Dr. Rebecca Glover, at and explaining the situation.

Can I register for only one day of the conference

  • Yes, when you complete the registration form it is possible to select a fee that allows you to attend the conference on only Friday or Saturday


Questions for those new to professional conferences

I have completed registration in advance. Do I need to go to the on-site Registration Area?

  • Yes. Visiting the AME Registration Area is important for several reasons. You will receive a name badge holder, the convention totebag, a Conference Program, and special announcements. Finally, first-time attendees receive a special badge to identify you as someone new to the convention. This printed program will not include abstracts for each presentation so if you want that information, you will need to print a copy from the conference website before you leave for the conference. 
  • More information about the location and hours of the registration table will be available closer to the beginning of the conference

What food is provided as part of the conference, and what I do need to find on my own?

  • There are not any full meals provided as part of the basic registration costs. There is a banquet on Saturday night for an additional charge. There will be small receptions every morning and afternoon with some snacks, and the Receptions on Thursday and Friday evening will have more substantial food in the form of appetizers.
  • One option that has been mentioned is the buffet in the conference hotel dining facility which, while not part of the conference, would be a convenient way to interact with other conference attendees while eating.

How will I know which talk to attend?

  • The program is posted online, and a copy will be provided to you when you get to the conference. It will let you plan everything before each day begins (but remember is it also often fun to flexible and change your plans as you talk to other conference attendees and decide to go see a different session with them.

How exactly do I go about preparing my Paper or Poster Presentation?

  • There are some basic guidelines included in the acceptance email and on the website at (including details on how to design and print a scientific poster)
  • It is almost always a good idea to include your contact information--name, institution, & email--on any presentation you put together, particularly somewhere on your poster and on the last slide of your paper presentation (as well as on your handouts if you choose to make them).
  • You are not required to provide handouts, but many choose to have at least 20 copies of a handout available. There are no rules or expectations regarding handouts, including exactly what is included in a handout. Some choose to include exactly what is on the poster or in their presentation slides, and some choose to rework the content of their poster/presentation into more of a narrative style. Your individual research advisor may have a personal preference on this issue (and as we all know, it is important to follow their advice in these situations).
  • For the Poster session, the primary goal of any poster is to provide someone with all the information they would need to completely understand your research (although many will likely want to talk to you as well). You should not expect that everyone who visits your poster will talk to you-many of them want to be able to gain all the information you have from the poster itself.
  • For the Paper sessions, your session chair will likely contact you about coordinating the technology for your presentation. If you have not been contact by your session chair by early October, 2012, you can find out who they are by contacting Dr. Rebecca Glover, at
  • While you will be provided 20 minutes for your talk in the Paper session (plus 5 minutes for questions), it is recommended you practice your timing to make sure your presentation fits into that time. It is always important to be respectful of your colleagues and to stay within your own time limit.
  • While there are 5 minutes set aside for questions related to each Paper presentation in the Paper sessions, some sessions will schedule those questions immediately after each talk, and some will wait until the end of the session and take questions for all three presentations at the same time. The chair may not discuss that detail with you until the day of the conference as your session begins.

What do I do if no one is keeping track of the time during my Paper session? Or if I know someone has exceeded their time?

  • First of all, it would be nice to say this never happens, and that everyone always stays within their own time limit, but it does happen that some take too much time, and no one else stops them. This is usually an accident, and occurs because the speaker lost track of time in their excitement or did not practice enough. It is very, very rare that someone is doing it to be selfish or inconsiderate.
  • That means it is almost always ok to interrupt someone if they have exceeded their time limit. If you choose to do that, try to be subtle by raising your hand to get their attention or speaking quietly with the session chair.
  • No matter how much preparation you do, though, you need to realize you might need to shorten your presentation at the last moment. An issue with technology or another speaker may mean you have less than your allotted 20 minutes to speak. When that happens you should realize the audience is going to be sympathetic (most will have been in a similar situation). Maybe the best solution is to move more quickly than you intended through the middle sections of your talk, particularly method and results sections. That will allow you to make sure you leave time to talk about your conclusions, and you can tell the audience they can contact you by email for the details you went through quickly (or that they can talk to you later during the conference).

Am I required to stand beside my poster during the entire Poster session?

  • You are asked to stay close to your poster during most, if not all, of the scheduled session time, but you are not "required" to do anything. It is important to remember that those who want to talk to you about your research may only have a short amount of time to stop by your poster, and if you are not there, they are rarely going to be able to come back later when you are available.
  • There are also Poster Awards given out at the end the Poster session. That means some of the individuals talking to you about your research may also be judging you for an award, and you would not want to miss them when they stop by.
  • There is certainly an expectation, though, that you might leave your poster for a few minutes during the session. There will be food and beverages provided, and it is certainly permissible to walk away from your poster long enough to grab some of that. It is also common to leave your poster for a few minutes while you look at the other posters at the session. As an adult in the research community, the final decision regarding how much time you spend beside your poster is yours.
  • If there are multiple authors on your poster, it would best if at least one of you could stay close to your poster during the entire session.
  • If you have more than one poster, you might certainly need to move between them a little bit. If that is the situation for you, you can contact the conference committee to see if it is possible to have your posters relatively close to each other.

Can I leave a session before it is over or come to a session late?

  • If you are a session attendee, then yes. Attendees often leave sessions early or arrive late for a variety of reasons and presenters are aware this will happen. For example, you may want to leave a session early to allow enough time to get to another session that is a distance away or may arrive late because of the travel distance between session locations. Also, if you are attending a paper session, you may want to only hear a particular paper within the session. If you plan to leave early, you should try to sit toward the back of the room to facilitate your departure without interruption.
  • If you are a presenter in the session, then no. If you are making a presentation in the session, you should arrive at or before the beginning of the session and stay throughout the session to hear and support your co-presenters.

What should I wear at the Conference?

  • Attendees usually wear business casual at a conference. Presenters generally wear professional business attire. Remember, meeting rooms in hotels and conference centers can be chilly, so dressing in layers is encouraged. The air conditioning is usually on high in anticipation of full meeting rooms.

Do I need to wear my conference badge to attend sessions or other conference events?

  • Please wear your badge when attending all conference sessions and events to demonstrate that you have registered. A badge is generally required for admission to the events and sessions. It is also generally considerate to have you name visible when you meet others as it helps them remember your name. Don’t forget to put your badge away when off-site.

What are the differences among the various types of sessions I see listed in the program?

  • As you review the program, you will note that there are a variety of types of sessions at the convention, each of which varies somewhat in format. The most common sessions are:
  • Symposia or panel discussions. These are focused sessions in which participants present their views about a common theme, issue or question. The views may or may not be adversarial and may or may not be supported by brief mention of relevant data. After a background presentation by the chair, participants then present their viewpoints, followed by interchange among participants. Sessions often end with an overview of the proceedings by the chair or a discussant.

  • Workshops or skill building sessions. These sessions are programs based on teaching direct skills and theory application to workshop participants.

  • Paper sessions. These sessions include a series of oral paper presentations on a similar theme or topic. A minimum of 20 minutes is usually allotted for each paper presentation, with additional time allotted for questions.

  • Plenary sessions. Cross-cutting programs, designed to appeal to the general membership, with interests in gaining a sense of the field as a whole and its current research. Speakers at plenary sessions are carefully chosen from a long list of distinguished scholars.

  • Executive board meetings. These sessions are usually invitation-only meetings of Executive Committees and governance groups.

How do I get a copy of the paper presented in a session?

  • Many paper and poster presenters make copies of their presentations available at the session or can provide you an electronic copy. If presenters run out of paper handouts, they may provide a sign-up sheet or may take your business card in order to send you a copy. In addition, you can contact presenters directly after the convention to request a copy of the presentation, whether or not you attended the session.



Questions specific to the AME2012 conference in San Antonio

What is the best way to get to San Antonio, and to the Menger Conference Hotel?

I am a very devoted young scholar and plan to spend most of my time at the conference, but is there anywhere in the area that I could go for fun?

You can get around easily and cheaply ($1.10 per ride) in downtown San Antonio by using one of the historic Streetcars.  You can use this trolley if you have a destination or if you just want to ride around and see what downtown San Antonio is like.  The Alamo (right by the conference hotel) is located on the red line and blue line.  For more information on the downtown Streetcars, click here:

  • If you are interested in visiting the Alamo, the Riverwalk, or the Tower of the Americas, you’ll find more information about these specific sites on the “About San Antonio” portion of the general AME webpage.  Click here:

  • If you are looking to experience some of the culture of Mexico and the Southwestern United States, you may want to go to the Historic Market Square on the Streetcar.  The El Mercado is the largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico.  For more information, click here:

  • If you are looking for a Texas experience to remember forever, you might want to visit Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum.  It is even free!  For more information, click here:

  • If you are looking for a place to enjoy live music, Main Plaza offers Live Music all year long.  Main Plaza has been named one of the 10 Great Public Spaces in the United States and is open from 7AM to 11PM. For more information, click here:

  • If you are looking for a place to enjoy the nightlife, San Antonio offers a number of opportunities.  For a list of places to explore, click here:

  • Located only a few hundred feet away from the Menger Conference Hotel, the RiverCenter Mall provides a wide range of dining and shopping options, including a Food Court with quick options during conference lunch breaks. The mall also includes a Comedy Club and 9-screen movie theatre.  For more information, click here:

Where can I go to print and/or copy materials for my presentation?

  • A variety of photo-copying options are available in San Antonio.

  • One FedEx location is 2 blocks South of the conference location (Historic Menger Hotel); about a 3 minute walk toward the river. The location address is 600 E. Market St, San Antonio, 1-800-463-3339. Copying and/or Printing costs there are 10 cents per copy.


Will there be a Book Display available? When? Where? How do I purchase them?

  • A number of AME members will be displaying their books during the conference in the Pre-Function area of the Historic Menger Hotel. The display will be open from 8 am until 5 pm on both Thursday (Nov. 8th) and Friday (Nov. 9th) as well as from 8 am until noon on Saturday (Nov. 10th). In order to keep conference costs as low as possible, it will not be possible to process the purchase of these books at this display, although information related to purchasing the books online will be provided.

  • Routledge Publishers, part of the Taylor and Francis Group, will also have a display available throughout the conference.


What are my options for exchanging foreign currency while at the conference?

  • The closes option to the conference is the Texas Currency Exchange is located in the Rivercenter Mall, which sits behind the Menger: (210.227.4447. This location also processes traveler's checks. Hours of operation are subject to change, but are typically Mon-Sat: 10 am – 9 pm & Sun noon-6 pm. A valid Passport or US Driver's License is required.


What is the Dance on Saturday Night? Can I go if I did not attend the Banquet?

  • YES, everyone is invited to the dance, regardless of whether or not they attended the banquet. That includes others who may be visiting San Antonio with you, but who have not registered for the conference.

  • The Wilburn Brothers Band, a San Antonio country & western outfit (, will play 8:30 pm – midnight Saturday, Nov. 10, in the Menger Hotel Ballroom. They’ll lead the willing and the not-so-willing in some Texas-style line dancing, so let’s pack the house


How will the Rock 'n Roll Marathon Sunday morning impact my travel?

  • Taxi/Shuttle Information:
    • Valet/taxi service will not be available in front of hotel on Blum Street from 5:15 am to 9:45 am
    • Taxi and shuttle service will be available on Blum Street at Crocket Street and access to the parking lot behind the Crockett Hotel will be open.  (use Menger Valet entrance)
  • Street Closures:
    • Alamo Plaza closed (between Commerce Street and 3rd Street) from 5:15 - 9:45 am
    • Avenue E closed (between 4th Street and Crockett Street) from 5:15 - 9:45 am
    • Blum Street closed (between Crockett Street and Alamo Plaza) from 5:15 - 9:45 am
  • If you're Driving:
    • Outbound: Go northeast on Bonham Street and turn right on McCullough Avenue/Nolan Street for access to I-37/281
    • Inbound: Exit I-37 at Commerce Street and proceed west, turn right on Bowie Street and left on Crockett Street


What else would you like to ask?

Send any other questions to Amie at you are wondering about it, there is probably someone else who is doing the same and we need to post that question to this FAQ...












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