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St. Martin Hall Overview

Renovation Completion Date: August 12, 2009.  All work on site had to occur during the summer break from May 26 to August 12, 2009.  Extended delivery items such as fan-coil and energy recovery fresh air intake units, were ordered in advance of work starting on site. 

St. Martin Hall is an upper classmen, co-ed residence hall built in 1986; suite style with each suite housing 4 students of the same gender.  It houses 292 occupants on 3 floors, with an area director and 8 resident assistant staff members.  Each 2 person room has its own vanity sink and is separated by a shared shower and toilet.  Each room opens onto an outside walkway.  Each student has one internet connection and each bedroom has a cable TV outlet.   New sound insulated ductwork has been installed to reduce sound transmission between rooms.

The ground floor laundry room has internet connected dryers and washers with automatically injected detergent dispensers. Students can determine from their rooms, which machines are in use, and be notified by text message when their laundry has been completed.  There is no additional charge for use of the laundry facilities and detergent supplies.  The vending room has internet connected machines that take either cash or SU Gull Cards.  There is a kitchen and lounge on the First Floor, as well as lounges on both upper floors with full-height glass to allow more natural light.  Other improvements include new ADA bedroom units on the ground floor level, a new exercise room on the second floor, and a new weather protected, glass enclosed central entrance stair with a solar powered ventilation fan.

The existing flat roof now has an Energy Star compliant roof coating to help reduce heat island effect.  To both save energy, reduce summer humidity, and promote a healthy living environment, fresh air is delivered to the building via roof mounted energy recovery units which recapture up to 80 percent of the heated or cooled air in the building.

Low-flow aerators on the building’s faucets reduce water consumption by 10 percent. All concrete, metal, wood and paver materials removed during the project were reused or recycled; and all new flooring materials, including carpet, have significant recycled content as well as reduced chemical emissions to improve interior air quality.

The architect for the renovation was Grimm + Parker of Calverton, MD; the mechanical/electrical engineer was Gipe Associates of Easton, MD; and the construction manager was Holder Construction of Atlanta, GA.


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