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Holloway Hall

Comprehensive Housing Renovation Plan

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Chester Hall Overview

Planned Renovations: In accordance with SU’s policy of providing student residences that meet or exceed current educational residence standards, it is anticipated that finishes, amenity and other upgrades will occur in the near future.


Chester Hall, first occupied in 1974, is a high-rise residence building, housing 220 students on six floors with a building director and 5 resident assistants.  The rooms are grouped in clusters, and are co-ed on that basis.  An elevator serves all floors. The exterior walls are brick and the floors and interior columns are concrete. The building has a flat roof. 

The lounge area has a large plasma screen that supports both educational and recreational uses. The lower level has a community kitchen and male and female guest toilets.   Each student has one internet connection and each bedroom has a cable TV outlet. 


The laundry room has internet connected dryers, and washers with automatic integral detergent dispensers. Students can determine from their rooms, which machines are in use, and be notified by e-mail when their laundry has been completed.  There is no additional charge for use of the laundry facilities and detergent supplies.  The vending room has internet connected machines that take either cash or SU Gull Cards.


Architect, mechanical/electrical engineer and contractor have all yet to be selected. 


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