Academic Advising
Holloway Hall

Current Students

The academic advising services at SU play a key role in the facilitation of student growth and development. The primary purpose of advising is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their career/life goals.

Both students and faculty advisors have responsibilities in the advisor/advisee relationship. 


Student responsibilities include:

  • knowing who his/her advisor is

  • scheduling an appointment with the advisor during program planning sign-ups

  • arriving prepared for the advising appointment

  • understanding that fulfilling degree requirements is ultimately the student's responsibility

Advisor responsibilities include:

  • communicating and clarifying requirements for the degree

  • knowing the resources available to students on campus

  • being accessible to their student advisees

The advisor's name is available to students through their Gull Net account.

It is important for students to be aware of their degree requirements.  This information can be viewed in the Academic Requirements Report.  Students are encouraged to regularly review their requirements. Any questions should be addressed to their academic advisor or to the Advising Services Coordinator in the School that houses the student's major.

The Academic Requirement Report is available to students through their Gull Net account - Self Service - Student Center.

***Students should also refer to Academic Checklists in conjunction with Academic Requirement Reports, especially if their report is still being programmed or under construction!***