Academic Advising
Holloway Hall

Helping Your Student

Keys to Helping Your Student
  • Encourage sure your student knows how to contact his/her academic advisor. The advisor's name is available to students through their Gull Net account.

  • Discuss your student"s responsibility for making sure that he/she is on the right track.  The faculty advisor is an excellent resource for help in this area.
                   Major Requirements

    Graduation Requirements

  • Talk about your student’s academic major.  If he/she is questioning the choice of major, encourage them to seek advice from the academic advisor and/or Career Center. Encourage your student to research what academic programs of study are possibilities to major in at SU:
    Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Encourage your student to know when pre-registration is for the upcoming semester. It is your student's responsibility to make an appointment with their advisor to discuss next semester courses, long range academic planning, and progress through the major. 

  • Discuss your student’s academic progress.  Encourage your student to know the deadline and process for withdrawing from a class  for the current semester. 

  • Talk to your student about important university dates. Encourage your student to be familiar with dates for add/drop, withdrawing, advising appointments for pre-registration, finals and more. The Advising Calendar is a wonderful resource for your student to use frequently!

  • Encourage your student to become involved in campus life, their academic major’s clubs, and research activities.