Academic Advising
Holloway Hall

Enrolled Transfer Students

It is important to review your Transfer Courses in GullNet to make sure that all your courses have transferred appropriately.  If you have a question about a specific transfer course that:

  1. Did NOT transfer at all - You should contact the Office of Admissions to inquire about the course.  You should also contact your previous institution and request that an updated copy of your transcript be sent to Salisbury University.

  2. Did NOT transfer as a specific course needed to met a certain requirement -  In this case, you should contact the Office of Admissions to request that the course is re-evaluated.  Be prepared to provide syllabi or other course information to make this official request.

  • Scholarships for Transfer Students

    Keys to success: 

  • Check your previous institution’s credits to make sure that all the courses you expected to transfer, did transfer.  If you have questions, see the transfer counselor in the admission’s office or your major school’s academic advising coordinator for help. 

  • Choose a major that reflects your career goals and personal abilities.

  • Be familiar with the Salisbury University graduation requirements and your major’s graduation requirements.  Construct an academic long-range  plan that enables you to graduate in a timely manner (your faculty advisor is an excellent resource to help you). 

  • Contact your advisor and introduce yourself.

  • Become active in scholarly and/or extracurricular activities on campus. 

  • Be familiar with the program planning process and get to know your faculty advisor. 

  • Attend all classes and laboratories. 

  • Make sure to continually assess your academic progress.  If problems arise, see your faculty advisor to discuss the right approach for working through them.  Know the last date to withdraw from classes. 

  • Meet with your faculty advisor during the program planning period.  Determine your registration date and register for the next semester as soon as your scheduled time comes up. 

  • Become familiar with the Gull Net Academic Requirements Report.  This is the report that tracks your graduation and major requirements.  There should be “no surprises”. 

  • Know the campus resources available to you.