Academic Advising
Holloway Hall

Enrolled Freshman Students

Keys to success: 

  • Contact your faculty advisor and introduce yourself.  Academic advisors provide an on-going personal relationship that is essential and your college career. 

  • Choose a major that is compatible with your career goals and personal abilities.  The Career Services Office can be helpful if you are unable to select a major or are considering changing your major. 

  • Attend all classes and laboratories.  Class attendance is mandatory by most faculty.  Attendance policies are found in class syllabi.

  • Prepare for program planning.  Make an appointment with your faculty advisor and begin to prepare an academic long-range plan that is compatible with your career goals. 

  • Meet with your faculty advisor during program planning.  Come prepared with a list of courses, a long range plan. 

  • Register for your next semester classes as soon as your scheduled registration date comes up.  Your assigned date and time is in your GullNet account.

  • If academic problems arise, see your faculty advisor to determine the right approach for working through them.  Know the last date to withdraw from classes. 

  • Make sure to assess your own academic progress.  Calculate your grades by using the grading information on your syllabi.  Mid-term is a good time to do this. 

  • Know the campus resources available to you. 

  • Be familiar with the SU graduation requirements and the requirements of your major. Review your academic requirements report in Gull Net to view your remaining degree requirements.