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General Education Requirements

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General Education

GROUP I: English and Literature - 2 COURSES

  1. English 103 ("C" or better) OR Honors 111 (if in Honors Program)
  2. Literature (in either English or Modern Languages)


  1. History 101, 102 or 103
  2. History 101, 102, 103 or a History course above 103

GROUP III: Humanities and Social Sciences – 3 COURSES FROM 3 DIFFERENT AREAS

  1. Select one course from one of the following six areas: Art, Communications, Dance OR Theater Arts, Modern Languages, Music, Philosophy. (HONR 211 if in Honors Program)
  2. Select one course from one of the following seven areas: Anthropology, Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution, Economics, Human Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.  (HONR 112 if in Honors Program)
  3. Select one course from either Group III A or IIIB (course may not be from the same area selected for IIIA or IIIB) 

GROUP IV: Natural Science, Math and Computer Science – 4 COURSES

  1. Select courses with laboratories from at least two of the following four areas (at least six credit hours total): Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physical Geography, Physics  
  2. Select one additional course (need not include a lab) from Group IVA or Computer Science or Mathematics (totaling at least 3 credit hours): Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Health Science, Geology or Physical Geography, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, HONR 212 (If in Honors Program)
  3. Select one math course for a total of three credit hours

GROUP V: Health Fitness - 1 COURSE

Complete PHEC 106 Personalized Hlth/Fitness 

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