Academic Advising
Holloway Hall

Program Planning Overview

During Program Planning your assigned advisees will be meeting with you to go over their next semester schedule, speak with you about their career goals and to ask questions about degree requirements. 

As an advisor it is important that you do the following during the advising/program planning period:

  • Be available to meet with your students and  communicate with your advisees as to how to sign up with you for an advising appointment (web, door, by email, etc.) In most cases, additional office hours will be needed to meet advisee needs.
  • Review your advisees' Academic Requirements Reports and answer any questions or refer them to appropriate sources.
  • Approve advisees' program planning forms and retain copies for the advising folders.
  • Activate your advisees' GullNet accounts so they may register; Inform advisees of the specific date that they can begin pre-registration.
  • Remind advisees of important dates and deadlines, such as the last date to withdrawal, last date to apply for graduation consideration, etc.

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Advising Handout for Students (Word) (PDF)

Advising Sign-up Sheet (Word)

General Education List - Fall 2015 (PDF)

Long Range Planning Worksheet (PDF)

GullNet Appointment System Directions (Word)

Program Planning Worksheet  (PDF)


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