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Graduation Requirements

To be eligible to graduate, students must meet the following requirements:

1. University Requirements:

  • Be matriculated in the University.
  • 120 total credit hours
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Students must complete 30 of the last 37 credit hours at SU.  (special cooperative programs areexempt)
  • Students must complete 30 credit hours by direct classroom or laboratory instruction (not credit by examination)
  • 30 credit hours at the 300/400 level with grades of C or higher
    Transfer students must complete 15 of their 30 hours at SU 300/400 level courses taken as PS/F do not satisfy this requirement

2. General Education Requirements

Complete all general education requirements.

ENGL 103 with a C or higher

3. Major Requirements (Checklists link)
            Core requirements 
            Track or Concentration Requirements (if applicable) 
            300/400 level requirements 
            Capstone course, internship, practicum (if applicable) 
            Complete Major with its required GPA

4. Minor Requirements (if applicable)

5. Electives (if necessary to complete 120 credit hours)

6. Submit an Application for Graduation form online through GullNet by the appropriate date (see Registrars Website).

7. Make arrangements for the repayment of any outstanding debt.

8. Return all materials borrowed from the library or academic departments.

For more information please refer to the SU Catalog.

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Graduating Seniors

Note to faculty with advisees who wish to graduate in the 
next semester 

For students who have applied for graduation for the following semester, you should inform your advisee to bring a printed Academic Requirements Report to the program planning meeting. If a student has not applied for graduation for the next semester and wants to do so, advise the student accordingly and send the student to a computer lab to complete this form online through GullNetimmediately after your advising session.  Students that apply for graduation on time by completing the online graduation application will have an additional graduation audit completed by their Advising Services Coordinator.

Please review the Academic Requirements Report with the student for accuracy. You are looking for any transfer credits that have not been posted or any irregular postings (any incompletes or grades that are not reflected accurately in the student’s records.

1. If the Academic Requirements Report is accurate and the student WILL be meeting all requirements pending successful completion of ungraded coursework: Advisor and student will sign and date the audit (near the bottom of the first page) and place it in the student’s permanent file.

2. If the Academic Requirments Report is not accurate:

If the inaccuracy is due to a waiver or course substitution that needs to be made, the appropriate department chair should submit the waiver/ substitution to the Advising Services Coordinator.  The Coordinator will work with the Registrars Office to have the course posted on the student's degree audit.

If the inaccuracy cannot be easily corrected, please indicate the problem area by putting a mark on the audit in red or any color other than blue or black. Send the audit via campus mail to your Advising Services Coordinator for assistance.

3. If the student has a deficiency and needs to delay graduation, please let your Advising Services Coordinator and the Registrar's Office know, ASAP.

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Graduation Honors

The student’s eligibility for graduation with honors is determined by the honors standards in place at the time the student graduates.

  Recognition of graduation with honors at the commencement ceremonies is based on the student’s cumulative grade point average at the end of the previous grading period. Students recognized at the ceremony may or may not ultimately earn graduation with honors. The official recognition of graduation with honors appears on the student’s official transcript and diploma and is calculated on the student’s final grades. 

In order to be eligible for graduation honors, students must complete a minimum of 56 graded hours of coursework at Salisbury University, in which at least 30 hours of 300/400- level courses are completed with grades of A, B or C. In addition, students must have minimum Salisbury University grade point averages as follows: cum laude: 3.5; magna cum, laude: 3.7; summa cum laude: 3.9. Students with academic integrity violation may be ineligible for graduation honors. Students completing a second bachelor’s degree will be eligible to graduate with honors only if they meet all graduation with honors criteria using credits earned after their prior graduation.

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