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How To Declare or Change a Major/Minor

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*New* - Current students interested in declaring and/or changing their intended program of study should submit an Academic Records Update Request in GullNet.  Click here for PDF instructions on finding and submitting the request in GullNet.  Once completed you will recieve a confirmation email from the Registrar's Office after your intended program of study's academic department has reviewed the request.  If approved, a new advisor will be assigned as part of this process. 

Business students may change their major online at the Perdue Advising website.

Current students should make sure to be aware of any changes in advisor when changing academic programs in order to contact the appropriate advisor during program planning. Students should review their academic requirements report after a change of major/minor is approved in order to review new program requirements. 

***It is important that students declare or change their major/minor as soon as they start following a new program.  For the most effective advising, please submit your request before advising sign-ups for Program Planning (beginning of October in fall or March in spring).

Major Contacts: Fulton

  • Art B.A./B.F.A. Prof. Rogers Fulton Hall 200
  • Communication Arts B.A. Dr. Horikami Fulton Hall 261
  • Conflict Resolution B.A. Dr. Soosaipillai Holloway Hall 100G
  • English B.A. Dr. Wood Holloway Hall 351
  • Engl to Speakers of Other Languages B.A. Dr. Pandey Holloway Hall 367
  • Environmental Studies B.A. Dr. Lewis ENVR House
  • French B.A. Dr. Kew Fulton Hall 289
  • History B.A. Dr. Long Holloway Hall 338
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Individually Designed Track B.A./B.S. Mr. Colón Fulton Halll 256
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Anthropology Track B.A. Dr. Ragan Holloway Hall 380
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Ethnic/Intercultural Track B.A. Dr. King Holloway Hall 389
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Gender Studies Track B.A. Dr. French Holloway Hall 372
  • International Studies B.A. Dr. Nam Fulton Hall 280A
  • Music B.A. Dr. Folger Fulton Hall 200B
  • Philosophy B.A. Dr. Tuske PHIL House 203
  • Political Science B.A. Dr. Robinson Fulton Hall 298
  • Psychology B.A. Dr. Schlehofer Holloway Hall 308
  • Sociology B.A. Dr. Illig Fulton Hall 262
  • Spanish B.A. Dr. Kew Fulton Hall 289
  • Theater B.A. Dr. Pfeiffer Fulton Hall 204

Major Contacts: Henson

  • Actuarial Science B.S. Dr. Gauger Henson Hall 132D
  • Biology B.S. Dr. Gehnrich Henson Hall 230G
  • Chemistry B.S. Dr. Brown Henson Hall 301C
  • Medical Laboratory Science B.S. Dr. Davis Devilbiss Hall 302
  • Computer Science B.S. Mr. Defino Devilbiss Hall 105
  • Environmental Marine Science/Biology (dual degree w/UMES) B.S. Dr. Stribling Henson Hall 238
  • Geography B.S. Dr. Skeeter Henson Hall 157B
  • Mathematics B.S. Dr. Bardzell Henson Hall 132A
  • Nursing B.S. Dr. Seldomridge Devilbiss Hall 237
  • Physics B.S. Dr. Pica Henson Hall 301A
  • Respiratory Therapy B.S. Dr. Joyner Henson Hall 201

Major Contacts: Perdue

  • Accounting B.S. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132
  • Economics B.A. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132
  • Finance B.S. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132
  • International Business B.S. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132
  • Information Systems B.S. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132
  • Management B.S. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132
  • Marketing B.S. Advising Services Perdue Hall 132

Major Contacts: Seidel

  • Early Childhood Education B.S. Dr. Chin-Hsiu Chen TETC 281G
  • Elementary Education (Interim) B.S. Dr. Brandy Terrill TETC 278R
  • Exercise Science B.S. Dr. Brent Fedorko Maggs Gym Rm 222
  • Health Education B.S. Dr. Brandye Nobiling Maggs Gym Rm 228
  • Physical Education B.S. Dr. Dean Ravizza Maggs Gym Rm 217
  • Social Work B.A.S.W. Dr. Jennifer Jewell TETC 254D

Minor Contacts: Fulton

  • African Studies Dr. King Holloway Hall 389
  • American Studies Dr. Wood Holloway Hall 351
  • Anthropology Dr. Ragan Holloway Hall 380
  • Art Ms. Pass Fulton Hall 295
  • Business and Professional Writing Dr. Curtin Holloway Hall 378
  • Communication Arts Dr. Horikami Fulton Hall 261
  • Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution Dr. Boudreau Holloway Hall 105
  • Dance Dr. Hutchinson Fulton Hall 100
  • East Asian Studies Dr. Nam Fulton Hall 280F
  • English Dr. Wood Holloway Hall 351
  • English to Speakers of Other Languages Dr. Pandey Holloway Hall 367
  • Environmental Studies Dr. Lewis ENVR House
  • Ethnic and Intercultural Studies Dr. King Holloway Hall 389
  • European Studies Dr. Walton Holloway Hall 332
  • Film Dr. Johnson Holloway Hall 364
  • French Dr. Kew Fulton Hall 269
  • Gender Studies Dr. French Holloway Hall 332
  • German Ms.Thompson Holloway Hall 110
  • Gerontology Dr. Illig Fulton Hall 262
  • History Dr. Bowler Holloway Hall 290
  • International Studies Dr. Nam Fulton Hall 280F
  • Latin American Studies Dr. Story Holloway Hall 390
  • Music Mr. Bowden Fulton Hall 236
  • Philosophy Dr. Tuske Philosophy House 203
  • Political Science Dr. Robinson Fulton Hall 298
  • Psychology Dr. Schlehofer Holloway Hall 308
  • Religious Studies Dr. Stock Philosophy House 106
  • Sociology Dr. Pappas Fulton Hall 268
  • South Asian Studies Dr. Tuske Philosophy House 203
  • Spanish Dr. Pubill Fulton Hall 290
  • Theater Dr. Pfeiffer Fulton Hall 204

Minor Contacts: Henson

  • Actuarial Science Dr. Gauger Henson Hall 132D
  • Biology Dr. Gehnrich Henson Hall 230G
  • Chemistry Dr. Brown Henson Hall 301C
  • Clinical Biochemistry Dr. Davis Devilbiss Hall 302
  • Clinical Hematology Dr. Davis Devilbiss Hall 302
  • Clinical Microbiology Dr. Davis Devilbiss Hall 302
  • Computer Science Dr. Wang Henson Hall 122
  • Earth Science Dr. Skeeter Henson Hall 157B
  • Environmental/Land-Use Planning Dr. Skeeter Henson Hall 157B
  • Geographic Information Science Dr. Skeeter Henson Hall 157B
  • Geography Dr. Skeeter Henson Hall 157B
  • Mathematics Dr. Austin Henson Hall 116
  • Physics Dr. Pica Henson Hall 301A
  • Statistics Dr. Wainwright Henson Hall 118
  • Transfusion Services/Blood Bank Dr. Davis Devilbiss Hall 302

Minor Contacts: Perdue

  • Accounting Advising Coordinator Perdue Hall 129
  • Business Administration Advising Coordinator Perdue Hall 129
  • Economics Advising Coordinator Perdue Hall 129
  • Finance Advising Coordinator Perdue Hall 129
  • Information Systems Advising Coordinator Perdue Hall 129
  • Marketing Management Advising Coordinator Perdue Hall 129

Minor Contacts: Seidel

  • Athletic Coaching Dr. Thomas Stitcher Maggs Gym Rm 227
  • Creative Arts Dr. Brandy Terrill TETC 278R
  • Exercise Science Dr. Brent Fedorko Maggs Gym Rm 216
  • Health Dr. Brandye Nobiling Maggs Gym Rm 228
  • Middle School Science Dr. Kimberly McCormick TETC 278S
  • Outdoor Education Leadership Ms. Christina Harper Maggs 237C
  • Social Studies Dr. Alexander Pope IV TETC 278N
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