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Meet Our Students: Natasha McIver

Natasha McIver

Hometown:  Endicott, New York
Major:  Biology, with a concentration in Pre-Med
Class Status:  Junior

Before a dance performance

Why did you come to Salisbury University ?

I came to SU because I liked the size of the campus and the fact that I could get more of a one-on-one type of relationship with my professors than if I were to go to a BIGGER University. I also, liked the warm welcome feeling and atmosphere of the campus. Another reason I came to SU is they have a variety of intramural sports teams, clubs, and organization, meaning I would have more of an opportunity to get involved with activities such as the SU Untouchables Dance Team, which is a hip-hop dance club that performs at SU events.

What are some options for food at SU?

There are many places on campus to eat. I enjoy going to the dining hall because there is a variety of selections and you do not have to eat the same thing everyday, unless it’s your choice. In the Commons you can find food from cereal to pasta to stir fry to pizza and even a deli. And the Bistro, which is part of the Commons, has more of specialized food; for example, lasagna, lobster, egg plant parmesan, shrimp, and much more. Everyday there are different types of food in the Bistro, which I like, because I like having the option to choose what I want to eat. Besides the Commons, there is also the Gulls Nest Pub and Eatery, where you can get food from Chicken tenders to hot and cold subs to mozzarella sticks and much more. So you don’t always have to eat in the Commons. You also have Cool Beans Café where you can get deli sandwiches and bakery goods, and good coffee and smoothies. The Food on campus is definitely one of the best places I have eaten compared to when I have visited friends or other colleges.

Do you need a car at SU?

Freshman year I did not have a car and that was not as bad as I thought it would be. There are many stores and food places that are in walking distance to the campus. I mean if you look across route 13 there are plenty of food chains and restaurants. More than likely you will make friends with people that have cars, and they will give you a ride or let you borrow their car to run an errand.  There is a car pool bulletin board on campus for students going home or places that typical want driving partners. There are other types of transportation if you need to go places, you have buses and taxi’s, so not having a car is not a BIG deal.

What are the computer labs like on campus?

There are plenty of computer labs that are open on campus. Fulton Hall and the Library computer labs are open till Midnight every night, and Henson has a lab that closes earlier. There are computer labs in the Guerrieri University Center by Career Services. It is very rare to find all the computers occupied, but even if they are you can find an open computer lab. You have access to the Internet and many different types of software, from Microsoft word to Mini-Tab that you have to use in your Statistics course. There is always someone there to help you if you do not understand how to use a specific program. And, even if you bring your own computer or lap top from home, there is software available at the bookstore and if you are having trouble all you have to do is pick up the phone and call our Tech Department.
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