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Holloway Hall

Meet Our Students: Melissa Zarou

Hometown:  Silver Spring, Maryland
Major: Graphic Design
Second Major: English Literature
Class Status:  Junior

At Wicomico River

The Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at Salisbury are incredible! Because of the small class sizes (an average of 24 students), I have been able to form very close relationships with my professors. Professors take great care in learning about their students so they can better guide them. They are extremely available outside of the classroom and won't hesitate to rearrange their own personal schedule to accommodate your needs as a student. At SU, you are not an anonymous student number but rather a name, face, and personality. The professors challenge and push you while still caring a great deal for each student. I've had such a positive experience with professors.
In addition, the entire staff at Salisbury is so friendly and helpful. You won't pass any office one campus without getting a smile and a hello!!

Campus Life at SU

Freshman year I lived on campus in Nanticoke, the all female residence hall. Although I only lived on campus my freshman year, my experience was very positive. The residence halls are very nice (and air-conditioned!) and I had a great roommate!! Also, all the freshman residence halls are centered around a grassy quad where I spend most of my time playing sports, doing work, and meeting EVERYONE!!
Even though I chose to move off campus my sophomore year, I spend as much time on campus as possible. The campus is gorgeous and easy to navigate. Everything about Salisbury is laid-back and friendly. Salisbury students are extremely active people so there is always something going on that you are encouraged to take part in. There are so many events on campus from comedians and speakers to plays and art shows. So just keep your eyes and ears open and get involved!!!

Choosing a Major

Salisbury makes it really easy for you to choose a major. I came here knowing I wanted to go into the Art field and ended up choosing the graphic design track. I've also always been interested in English and didn't realize I could make myself more marketable by pursuing both Art and English until my professor informed me. Having a double major is challenging bit definitely doable. I'm happily doing both and haven't forgotten to have my share of fun! I've been able to form close relationships with both English and Art students and faculty, which has been so eye-opening and interesting!!
Don't worry though - you don't have to come here knowing what you want to do. Just come in with an open mind and you'll love something by sophomore year. At SU, you have to fulfill a certain amount of General Education requirements. In other words, you must take at least one class in every discipline so you can discover new things and confirm which major is right for you. If you take these classes at the beginning of your college career, you leave the option of changing your major a few times while still graduating on time.
I'm excited to enter the world as a "real person" after graduation because I feel like Salisbury has prepared me for whatever road I go down. For now though, I am loving my time here!

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